A screen resolution of 1024 ... presentation. In order to be able ...

A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is suggested for viewing the
In order to be able to view documents linked to this presentation, Adobe
Acrobat Reader ® must be installed. A copy of the installation file for the said
software is also included on the CD. Simply click on the Install Adobe
Acrobat Reader link within the presentation to skip to the installation page.
Once there, click on the appropriate link to install the application which
corresponds to your operating system.
Please note that, PCs which have been upgraded to Windows XP ® Service
Pack 2 or higher, may experience some difficulty when it comes to displaying
the content of this presentation.
Similar warnings may appear on both Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Depending on the type of security setup on your PC, you should be able to
see either a bar (Figure 1a) pop-up on your screen, attaching itself to the topmost part of the display area, or a pop-up message box (Figure 1b1 and
Figure 1b2) similar to the ones below.
Figure 1a: - Active Content Restriction
Figure 1b1: - Active Content Restriction in Windows XP
Figure 1b2: - Active Content Restriction in Windows Vista and Windows 7
Depending on which of the two occurs, either click on the bar as shown below
(Figure 2) and subsequently click on Allow Blocked Content… (if following
Figure 1a) or click on the Yes button (if following Figure 1b1 or 1b2).
Figure 2: - Click on bar and on Allow Blocked Content
After clicking on Allow Blocked Content… the following message box will
then be displayed, and clicking on Yes will enable you to view the
Figure 3: - Click on Yes to proceed