Marlowe Middle School

Marlowe Middle School
9625 Haligus Road
Lake in the Hills, IL 60156
(847) 659-4700
Daily Announcements
Friday 1/29/16
1) It’s time for the Young Author’s program. You can use any stories you have started this school
year as a starting point. Books are due Feb. 26th and must include your first and last name,
team, and grade. You can drop off your books in the LRC. If you have any questions, stop by the
2).The next parent meeting for the 8th grade dance will be Monday, February 1st at 7:00pm in
the Marlowe LRC. Parents only please.
3). The library needs your help. We currently have 285 Overdue Books. With the end of the
quarter here - let's clean out those lockers, check those backpacks, and return ALL
overdue books. For the next week, for every overdue book returned, the library will be
handing out a sweet treat. Remember - the library no longer charges fines for late books.
Let's get that number down to ZERO! Stop by the library today and return your overdue books to
one of the library staff to get your SWEET TREAT!
4). Have you ordered a yearbook? Check the list outside the office to find out. Order online at Time is running out!
5). Cheerleaders please turn in your uniform to Ms. Gray ASAP.
6). Greetings Mustang Leaders, Newspaper Club will meet Tuesday, February 2nd in room A216
(Spanish room) at 2:30pm. Everyone is invited to participate in our school's electronic
newspaper. Any questions, email Mrs. Legis-Portincaso. See you next Tuesday!
7). Hola Chicos! El club de español/Spanish Club will meet Wednesday, February, 3rd at 2:30pm.
Everyone is invited to come and celebrate "El dia (deeah) del amor y la amistad/Valentine's
Day. We will be creating friendship bracelets to give to our amigo/amiga. Join us in the Spanish
room - A216. Any questions, email Señora Legis-Portincaso
8). Great Job Marlowe Middle School! You saved about 200 cubic feet of Landfill space by
recycling Styrofoam. So what is that really?
That is the equivalent of about 2832.2 liter soda bottles.
Or about 1500 milk gallons.
Your entire science room floor covered in 3” of styrofoam! (About 800 sq. ft.)Or a
storage unit that holds: Chest of drawers, small mattress set, several boxes, chairs,
desk, file cabinet, and small items.
Congratulations to: 1st Place-Team 7-2
Thank you Marlowe for your support!
Adam Zehr – Principal
Brad Gillette – Associate Principal
2nd Place-Team 6-1
Henry Soltesz – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
3rd Place-Team 8-4
Carmen Tontillo – Assistant Principal
Remember Marlowe…MUSTANGS ARE
If you have the PowerSchool application on your cell phone and have opted in to receive
notifications, you may receive an alert saying your student is absent for certain periods.
If your child is absent and you have already called the absentee line prior to the alert, you do not
have to call the absentee line again. Your student's attendance will be updated. If you have not
called in your child's attendance, please call the absentee line at 847-659-4711. If you prefer to
not receive this attendance alert notification, you can deactivate it through the mobile app by
going to Settings > Notifications > uncheck Attendance; this should cancel the notifications.
Adam Zehr – Principal
Brad Gillette – Associate Principal
Henry Soltesz – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Carmen Tontillo – Assistant Principal