Hib Make sure your child is protected! What is Hib?

Hib is a serious disease...
Make sure your child is protected!
What is Hib?
Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) is a serious disease
caused by bacteria. Hib usually infects children younger than
5 years old.
How do you catch Hib?
Hib is spread person-to-person through
the air. Your child can get Hib disease
from being around children or adults
who have Hib bacteria in their nose or
throat. These people may or may not
appear sick.
your child’s
healthcare provider
if your child is
up to date for all
Is Hib serious?
Yes. Hib can cause meningitis (infection of the brain and
spinal cord). This can lead to permanent deafness and brain
damage. Hib infection can also cause pneumonia, blood
infections, and severe swelling in the throat that can block
breathing and lead to death.
Is my child at risk?
Yes. Hib is common throughout the world. Each year, Hib
sickens millions of children worldwide and kills more than
300,000. The number of children infected by Hib has
decreased greatly in the U.S. because of vaccination, but an
unvaccinated child can still get infected.
How can I protect my child
from Hib?
You can protect your child from Hib with vaccination.
All children should get 3 – 4 doses of Hib vaccine
(depending on brand), starting at 2 months of age.
If your child misses a dose or gets behind schedule,
make sure they get the next dose as soon as
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