COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES Integrated Environmental Teaching Laboratory Safety Guidelines

Integrated Environmental Teaching Laboratory
Safety Guidelines
General Laboratory Rules
Safety glasses must be used at all times in the laboratory (CO 166/168 and Pilot Plant) when
handling liquids and working with any tools and/or instruments
Safety glasses must be used during transport of chemicals between labs
Laboratory coats should be used by all people working in CO 166/168
Lab coats must not be worn outside of a laboratory or in the Pilot Plant Lab
Gloves must be used for handling hazardous chemicals (see label and MSDS)
Biological and chemical materials must be transported between laboratories:
using secondary containment (e.g., bucket or cart with raised sides)
using lab coat, gloves, wear safety glasses
 Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times
 Hands must be washed with soap before leaving the laboratory
 No food, beverages, or cosmetics are allowed at any place within the laboratory
 Hair that is long enough to reach the shoulders must be tied back
 All containers of samples or chemicals must be labeled
 All floors and knee spaces under benches must be kept clear of boxes, Styrofoam, containers,
papers, instrumentation, and other debris except for waste containers
 All benches and hoods must be kept free of clutter, dust, and residue from any spills
 All benches and floor must be wiped clean after use
 All sinks must be kept free of glassware and instrumentation
 All instrumentation, particularly balances, must be thoroughly cleaned after use
Waste Disposal
All chemical waste must be disposed of in designated waste containers
All containers must be labeled with contents and date
All waste containers must be sent to EH&S within 6 months of initiation
Contact wastes: Collect in designated yellow buckets
Individual Responsibilities
Notify supervising faculty of any medical conditions that could be affected by carrying out
laboratory activities
Notify supervising faculty of any safety concerns
Observation of the above laboratory rules
Assistance of other laboratory users in observing general rules
Immediate cleaning of routine spills
Immediate reporting of non-routine spills to the supervising faculty and to EH&S
Remember locations and uses of all exits, eye-wash stations, showers, fire alarms, and
emergency phones
In Case of Emergency
EXIT immediately
NOTIFY other lab workers to exit
GET HELP from 9-1-1, EH&S, and the supervising faculty member, in that order
Student Signature
By signing this document, I attest that I have read and understood the above rules and procedures, and
that I agree to follow all guidelines while working in the IETL (CO 166/168 and CSM/Golden Water
Treatment Pilot Plant).
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