Name:________________________ PHGN/CHEN/MLGN 435/535 Pre-lab Assignment #2

PHGN/CHEN/MLGN 435/535 Pre-lab Assignment #2
Due Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at the beginning of class (12:00)
Focus: RCA clean and Thermal Oxidation
Your answers can be short, but should include the main point. For calculations, don't just
put down a numerical answer. Provide an idea of how you got it!
Modules 1, 2 on course website (whatever you haven’t read already)
Campbell 14.1 [RCA cleaning], 4.1-4.4 (skim 4.5) [oxidation of silicon].
HF first aid posted on the course website (
Please note, this article is meant to make you pay attention to this acid,
but do not become overly alarmed. It is written for large industrial users.
1. Describe in your own words what procedure you would follow in the event you or a
colleague had skin exposure to HF?
2. Why must the organic and ionic cleaning baths be well separated in the RCA clean?
3. What is the main advantage and the main disadvantage of wet oxide relative to dry
4. In the thermal growth of dry oxide on silicon, why is the interface between the silicon
and oxide (relatively) free of impurities?
5. What are the advantages of introducing Cl during dry oxidation?
6. In prior classes, students have found the parameter τ, in equation 4.11 and in table 4.1
confusing. First, explain in your own words the significance of τ in equation 4.11. Give
an example in words of a situation in which you would need to use τ and how you would
set its value. Now explain the significance of the τ in table 4.1. Note, it isn't exactly the
same significance as in the equation.
7. Campbell 4.1 (First obtain the correct time from Eq 4.11, then compare this to the
linear and parabolic results.)
8. Campbell 4.3 (Should the total time be the same or different from the time in problem
7, why?)
9. In 2-3 sentences, describe how you and your teammates plan to use your time during
the next lab session. (Hint: These should all relatively match up- it may be a good idea to
touch base with them!)
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