Colorado School of Mines Greek Community Information

Colorado School of Mines
Greek Community Information
Go Greek and Go Further In:
The first and foremost reason to attend the Colorado School of Mines is for a formidable
and meaningful education. The Greek members at CSM value education and are
committed to assisting members to excel. Each chapter strives to succeed academically
offering such programs as tutoring, mentors, study sessions, quiet hours,
computer/study rooms, study files and awards/scholarships for academic achievements.
Greek students may also become members of the Greek academic honor society Order
of Omega.
CSM is committed to building future leaders by providing an array of leadership
experiences including membership in a fraternity or sorority. Since Greek organizations
are self-governing, they provide ample opportunities for leadership development. Every
member has the chance to accept a chairmanship or a major office during their time at
CSM. Chapters also send members to national conventions and leadership conferences
throughout their tenure at CSM.
Our fraternities and sororities support various local, state and national nonprofit
causes/organizations through direct community service and philanthropy. Chapter
members are highly encouraged to become active, productive members of their
community both on and off campus.
The college experience can present many new challenges for students and having a
support system of brothers/sisters can make the transition easier. Membership within a
chapter provides college students with a home away from home through friendship and
camaraderie. Chapter members often participate in campus social and athletic activities
which are designed for members to meet new people, enjoy their university experience
and build life-long bonds.