Topic 19 – C,P,T,CP and CPT  Pre‐Lecture Reading/Post‐Lecture Summary    Continuing our discussion of discrete "symmetries" of the Standard Model, we will introduce charge 

Topic 19 – C,P,T,CP and CPT Pre‐Lecture Reading/Post‐Lecture Summary Continuing our discussion of discrete "symmetries" of the Standard Model, we will introduce charge conjugation C and see how it has been experimentally confirmed to be violated. By combing C witha simultaneous parity (P) transformation CP, we will find a what looks to be a good symmetry of the Standard Model, however again reviewing some important experimental results, we will see that this as well is violated (though to a lesser extent than C or P separately). Finally we will discuss time reversal T and the penultimate combination CPT which we will argue must be a symmetry, hence concluding that CP violation implies T violation. Then you will leave and be happy once more. 
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