July Q&A 2012 Residential Consistency General: Land Use and Environmental Service Agency

Residential Consistency
Land Use and Environmental Service Agency
(Code Enforcement)
July Q&A 2012
(Q) Can egress door required by Section R311.2 be a set of double doors?
(A) Yes, provided that if one leaf does not the required egress width them the
leafs must be provided with hardware that will release both leafs with one
2. (Q) What are the requirements for piles used for docks and piers?
(A) The piles must meet Section 1810.3 of the NC Building Code and an
engineer’s letter is required for structural compliance.
3. (Q) Do electrical and utility boxes in the wall between the garage and the house have
to be sealed to prevent the passage of smoke?
(A) Yes
4. (Q) Is a pre-decking inspection required for a floor system?
(A) No. Not unless low ground clearance would make it difficult to perform an
inspection after the deck is in place.
5. (Q) What should be done with old permits that were extended by the action of the
Legislature and no work has been done?
(A) The permits should be canceled and not turned down for no work.
6. (Q) When did the 2012 Electrical Code go into effect?
(A) The Code took effect July 3, 2012. Permits issued before July 10, 2012 can
use the 2008 Electrical Code after that the 2012 Code must be used.
7. (Q) Do interior bearing walls have to be anchored to the slab on grade?
(A) Yes, and if they are a braced wall they must meet the bolt spacing for a
braced wall line.