Why Grow Native Plants? These are just three of many reasons:

Why Grow Native Plants?
These are just three of many reasons:
Grasscycling is leaving grass clippings on the lawn to decompose. Grass clippings are 75% to 85% water.
When you mow regularly, clippings quickly decompose and release nutrients to fertilize the lawn.
Grass care may include downsizing and adding mulch beds. For more details see our brochure.
Promote biodiversity
Growing native plants contributes to the ecological balance between native plants and the many other
organisms that depend upon them for their survival.
reduce waste
Native plants require less maintenance, which means less plant waste ending up on the curb for pickup.
conserve natural resources
Native plants require little to no extra water or fertilizer compared to most exotics. Watering non-native
plants that aren’t adapted to our local climate wastes energy as well as water, and contributes to the
pollution of surface water. Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in landscape and lawn maintenance
run off into streams and creeks, polluting these water bodies.
We have provided this Native Plant Vendor List as a beginning guide for native plant gardeners.