DAIT (DAI Two) NeSC Review 18 March 2004



(DAI Two)

NeSC Review

18 March 2004

Description and Aims

Grid is about resource sharing

Data forms an important part of that vision

Data on Grids:

May be geographically distributed

Storage technology and formats are not homogeneous

Need to dynamically bind to data sources on demand

Grid enabled data resources

Discoverable through published metadata

Robust against variations in standards

Easy to aggregate, federate and manage

Goals for DAIT

Keep the OGSA-DAI name for DAIT

Aim to deliver application mechanisms that:

Meet the data requirements of Grid applications

Reduce development cost of data centric Grid applications

Provide consistent interfaces to data resources

Functionality, performance, etc.

Acceptable and supportable by database providers

Provide a standard framework that satisfies standard requirements

Trustable, imposed demand is acceptable, etc.

A base for developing higher-level services

Distributed query processing

 http://www.ogsadai.org.uk/dqp

Data federation


Project started 1 st October 2003

Funding for 2 years

EPCC, NeSC, Newcastle, Manchester

Industry Collaboration

IBM engaged at start of 2004

Oracle and Fujitsu on Programme Board


5 FTEs at EPCC, 5 FTEs at IBM

1 PDRA at each of NeSC, Newcastle, Manchester


6 monthly major releases

Next release scheduled for April

Project Structure

Principal Investigators

Programme Management Board

Research Team

Project Manager

Technical Review Board

EPCC Development and Support Team IBM Development Team IBM Exploitation Team

Projects Using OGSA-DAI












(http://www.geongrid.org/) eDiaMoND



(http://www.ogsadai.org.uk) OGSA-WebDB





(http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/~firstdig/) myGrid








Points to Note

Most projects seem to be biological

Feedback from users largely positive

Need more

Hope to allow user contributions

Need to establish a policy/framework for this

Engage more with User Community

Meetings scheduled for later this year

OGSA-DAI users meeting at NeSC in April

OGSA-DAI mini-workshop at AHM 2004

OGSA-DAI tutorials at various meetings/locations

Protecting Your Users

Very rapidly moving field

Technology changes

Standard changes

Middleware changes

Need to ensure:

Technology adopters investment in OGSA-DAI is protected

Shielded from future change


Document interface helpful

Client toolkit

Tech Preview in R3.1

DAIT Roadmap


Feb 2004 - Technical Preview part of R4

User Group: inaugural meeting – April 7 th 2004


April 2004

Performance & monitoring

Additional DBMSs supported (SQL Server, Postgres)

DBMS management operations

 archive, restore, bulk load

File access

Client libraries

Installation wizard

User support, courses, training material, performance report

DAIT Roadmap 2

R5 October 2004

Alignment with DAIS Spec

Assuming specs settle post GGF11

Integration into Globus Toolkit

WS-RF friendly

Basic Web Services friendly as well?

R6 April 2005

R7 October 2005

Increased data integration tools

Functionality driven by user group

Further information

The OGSA-DAI Project Site: http://www.ogsadai.org.uk

The DAIS-WG site: http://forge.gridforum.org/projects/dais-wg

OGSA-DAI Users Mailing list users@ogsadai.org.uk

General discussion on grid DAI matters

Formal support for OGSA-DAI releases http://www.ogsadai.org.uk/support support@ogsadai.org.uk

OGSA-DAI training courses