struggle  with Math? Do you

 Do you
struggle with Math?
 This is not going to be like any math course
you’ve ever been in!
Math 63 (Prerequisite: Math 12) is a new math course for non-STEM* students which
will help get you ready for Math 120, Intro to Statistics. Math 63 is a 5-unit course.
After passing Math 63, you can go straight to Math 120, Intro to Statistics, which will
meet your graduation requirement in math! Math 12 → Math 63 → Math 120
Who should take this course?
Who should NOT take Math 63?
If you are a liberal arts major or seeking
a vocation not requiring the typical
sequence of algebra courses, you should
consider taking Math 63, followed by
Math 120.
If you are going to major in any area
which might require a strong math
preparation (math, any science,
computer science, business, engineering,
nursing, EMT, RT, or teaching), you
should NOT take Math 63.
Math 63 does NOT meet the graduation requirement at VVC by itself. You must also complete
Math 120 to meet your math graduation requirement. Math 120 also satisfies transfer GE
requirements for many majors at many universities (i.e., Criminal Justice, Child Development,
Communication Studies, History, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, English,
among others).
*STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This is a non-STEM course.