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Plenary; ICT Management and Operations; 6.10
Michael Fargano, Qwest ([email protected])
ATIS Management and Operations
Standards Development
Submission Date:
July 1, 2008
Highlight of Current Activities (1)
Telecom Management and Operations Committee (TMOC)
• Currently focusing on following Mgt&Ops work:
– Accounting Management; collaboration with TM
Forum/, ATIS Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF), ITUT SG4
– IPTV Mgt; collaboration with ATIS OBF, ATIS IIF, ITU-T SG4
– NGN Mgt; collaboration with ITU-T SG4, NGNM Focus Group
(migrating to ITU-T SG4 hosted JCA)
– Trouble Administration (OSS-OSS Interconnection)
– Mgt&Ops aspects of ATIS Board/TOPS Council driven work,
e.g., NGN, Interconnected VoIP Call Routing and Registry
Provisioning, Security, Convergence, NGN Interconnection,
NGN Disaster Recovery Guidelines.
– Coding and Maintenance Agent aspects of NGN Service
Provider ID
Highlight of Current Activities (2)
Telecom Management and Operations Committee (TMOC)
• Recently completed work:
IPTV OSS Architecture; collaboration with ATIS OBF
Accounting Management Framework (revision)
Harmonization of Trouble Type Codes
Completion of ITU-T SG4 Security Management System
Recommendation (initiated and driven by TMOC work)
Strategic Direction
• Work on essential Mgt&Ops standards gaps
• Work Mgt&Ops aspects of ATIS BoD/TOPS Council work
• Coordinate/collaborate with other organizations where
Industry wide challenges for Mgt&Ops Standards development:
• Nexus of IT and Telecom (two dynamic environments)
• Focus on network/service specific aspects of Mgt&Ops
– Thus common aspects of Mgt&Ops are deemphasized
and work is highly distributed across many committees
and forums
• Distributed Mgt&Ops experts across many committees and
– Given limited and distributed resources, selecting
essential standards gaps to work on with maximum
industry/member benefit, and coordinating across the
many forums is a challenge
Next Steps/Actions
• Complete currently defined work program
• Continue to support Mgt&Ops aspects of ATIS Board/TOPS
Council driven strategic work
• Continue with cross-organizational coordination and
Proposed Resolution
• N/A
Supplemental Slides
TMOC Mission/Scope
• Link:
• Mission: The Telecom Management and Operations Committee
(TMOC) develops operations, administration, maintenance and
provisioning standards, and other documentation related to
Operations Support System (OSS) and Network Element (NE)
functions and interfaces for communications networks - with an
emphasis on standards development related to U.S.A.
communication networks in coordination with the development of
international standards.
– Scope: The scope of the work in TMOC includes the development of
standards and other documentation for communications network operations
and management areas, such as: Configuration Management, Performance
Management (including in-service transport performance management), Fault
Management, Security Management (including management plane security),
Accounting Management, Coding/Language Data Representation,
Common/Underlying Management Functionality/Technology, and Ancillary
Functions (such as network tones and announcements). This work requires
close and coordinated working relationships with other domestic and
international standards development organizations and industry forums.
OBF Mission
• Link:
• Mission: The ATIS Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF) provides a
forum for customers and providers in the telecommunications
industry to identify, discuss and resolve national issues which
affect ordering, billing, provisioning and exchange of information
about access services, other connectivity and related matters.
TMOC Active Issues (1)
TMOC Issue Number and Title:
Issue 57 - VoIP Accounting Management NE/OSS Interface - ANS
Issue 60 - ITU-T Study Group 4
Issue 62 - ITU-T NGN Management Focus Group (NGN Subset of Issue 60)
Issue 76 - IPTV Accounting Management
Issue 77 - TMOC support for GTDD
Issue 81 - Inter-Administration Accounting Management
Issue 93 - IPTV Ordering Framework and API(s)
Issue 97 - Standard Provider IDs for IP Related Services
Issue 100 - NGN Accounting Management NE/OSS Interface - ITU-T
Issue 103 - IP Network Management Coordination
Issue 105 - Revision to ATIS-0300075.1-2006, Usage Data Management for
Packet-Based Services -- Service-Neutral Protocol Specification for Billing
TMOC Active Issues (2)
TMOC Issue Number and Title:
Issue 112 - Five Year Review of: T1.238-2003 – Information Interchange –
Structure for the Identification of Telecommunications Facilities for the North
American Telecommunication System
Issue 129 - Update for IPTV OSS Functional Requirement and Architecture
Issue 130 - Revision of ATIS-0300003.2005
Issue 131 - Consolidation of T1.227 and T1.227a
Issue 132 - Revision of ATIS-0300002.2005
Issue 134 - OSS/BSS portion of the ATIS IPTV Dictionary
Issue 135 - TMOC support for NGN IPTV High Level OSS FRA - ITU-T
Issue 136 - TMOC support to the TMF's SDF specification