Tools: Rules: Interactive Review will establish stronger lines of

Interactive Review is another tool that the department will
utilize with the Design Team to interact with the Plans
Examiners during the Initial review. This will result in an
approved set of drawings without the need for re-submittal.
When can Interactive Review be used?
This service is for the Design Team (Architects and Engineers)
that maintain a high or average level of performance within our
Plan Review system. It will also be used with CTAC projects.
The Design Team earns this recognition based on our new A/E
Pass incentive rate program by consistently delivering
professional grade work for the last 7 reviews.
What type of code items will be considered Interactive Review?
A group of questions were developed to determine the
appropriate type of project for Interactive Review.
Does the Design Team for the project qualify as a High or
Average Performer? If YES Continue.
Does the code comment affect only one discipline? If YES
Can the code comment be handled by a note on the plans? If
YES Continue.
Can the code comment be addressed by Email, PDF, Bulletin
Drawing, or Letter? If YES Continue.
Will the code comment cause the Field Inspector to perform
additional tasks for the project? If No Continue.
If the project meets all of these questions, it would qualify as an
Interactive Review project.
Interactive Review will establish stronger lines of
communication between Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement and the design community.
What will designers need to utilize Interactive Review?
Designers will need to provide a contact number and email
that will allow the plans examiners to contact them during
the review to discuss code issues.
Designers who will not be available during the time frame of
the OnSchedule Review will need to designate an alternative
designer to respond. This must be done using the guidelines
established for Express Review and the board rules.
Designers will respond in the 2 day timeframe. This keeps
the project progressing through the plan review process.
What will plans examiners need to utilize Interactive Review?
Plans Examiners will be scheduled for review 6 hours per
day, using 2 hours per day to respond to designers.
Plans Examiners will have an improved communication tool
to be in direct contact with the design professionals who
designed the project.
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