(Standard operating procedure)
SUBJECT: ABC Inspections checklist
ABC Inspections are inspections required by the State for the verification that a premise complies with
various state and local laws prior to approval of the license to sell alcohol. A form provided by the
applicant requires a signature by the Building/Fire Official upon verification that the premise is code
compliant. There is a one-time fee of $130 for Building inspection and $130 for a Fire inspection. Fees
for the ABC inspection are paid in the office prior to scheduling the inspection request.
The premises being inspected may be an existing structure, new or remodeled construction. Where the
permitted work is still in progress, the approval should be withheld until all of the permitted work is
completed and a TCO or CO is issued. Any recently approved permitted project can get an ABC sign-off
without additional fees or inspection up to 30 days from the TCO/CO issuance date. After 30 days, a
new inspection request and fee(s) will be required.
Whether the premise is new or existing the entire building or space should be checked for
compliance to the following items:
o Occupancy Type: Verify that the intended use is allowed by code for the building. Additional
permits may be required if the “occupancy” has changed from the previously approved use.
(Please refer to the Department and Tax Office records).
o ADA-Compliance will need to be determined according to on-site conditions (Should consider
when the building was built or occupancy was determined also). As an example, if there is
evidence that grab bars and HC signage has been removed, then, the applicant should be required
to replace them.
o Safety to Life:
1. Obvious structural concerns (foundations, walls or roofs).
2. Emergency lighting and exits signs as required.
3. Sprinkler System: Check for any modification or deactivation of system.
4. Unsafe or hazardous storage.
5. Unsafe wall/ceiling finishes (Flame spread ratings) or floor coverings (trip hazards).
6. Unsafe stair/step construction (Check for irregular treads and risers).
7. Handrails/guards as required at time of construction or occupancy change.
8. Egress -Need clear path of travel, no blocked exits or unsafe locking devices, to include
review of required means of egress (Number and remoteness of exits).
o Other obvious safety concerns (such as drop chords being used in place of permanent wiring,
open junction boxes, un-terminated wiring, etc.) and make referrals as needed to other code
o Any recent work obviously performed without required permits.
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