Incentive-Based Inclusionary Housing Council’s H&ND Committee Status Report Action Plan Implementation

Incentive-Based Inclusionary Housing
Action Plan Implementation
Council’s H&ND Committee Status Report
Debra D. Campbell
September 7, 2011
 Council Assignment
 Action Plan
 Status
 Next Steps and Questions
Council Assignment /
Action Plan
 At the June 27, 2011 meeting, Council directed staff
to pursue specific regulatory and financial incentives
encouraging private sector development of affordable
 Recommended Action Plan:
 Regulatory Incentives
 Single Family & Multi-family density bonus
 Fee waivers/reductions
 Expedited review
 Allowance of duplexes on any lot
 Allowance of ADUs to include non-relatives
 Other considerations that could work for Charlotte
Council Assignment /
Action Plan
Financial Incentives
 Create local rent subsidy program
 Increase Housing Trust Fund commitments for federal low
income housing tax credits
 Lobby NCHFA for changes to its Qualified Application process
to allow urban projects to score higher
 Develop a program to make available government owned land
at a reduced cost in exchange for affordable housing
 Establish aggressive acquisition program for existing
apartments currently in financial difficulty or underutilized
 Engage a third party to undertake a thorough review of all City
planning zoning and related policies to isolate those that
impede affordable housing production
 Cash subsidies
 Internal Staff Meetings
− Developing Preliminary Recommendations
− Issue Identification
− Fiscal and Staff Resource Impacts
 Additional Research
− Tracking and Administration
− Met with staff from Davidson
− Researching other Cities
 Preparing for first Kick-off Meeting
− Forming Citizen Advisory Group
Next Steps
 Initial Public Meeting September 15, 2011
 Citizen Input process September 2011-January
 Committee Action February 2012
 Council Action April 2012