ontracts II, Associate Professor Barondes Required Texts; iClicker: Winter 2016

Contracts II, Associate Professor Barondes
Winter 2016
Required Texts, etc., and Assignments for the First Few Classes
[Dated 1/5/16]
Required Texts; iClicker:
Below are the required texts for the class:
 Farnsworth et al., Contracts: Cases and Materials (Foundation Press, 8th ed.
2013) (abbreviated “CB” below);
 Steven J. Burton & Melvin A. Eisenberg, Burton and Eisenberg’s Contract Law:
Selected Source Materials Annotated, 2015, ISBN-13: 9781634595551.; and
 Supplemental Reading (available for purchase at the bookstore). As noted
below, you may well encounter difficulty if you postpone acquiring this.
As noted below, iClickers are also required.
Note: Other editions of required texts will not be suitable. It is possible some portion
of the final exam in the class will allow a student to reference required texts. If so, a
student will not be entitled to substitute a different edition. So, you should not
acquire a different edition of a required text.
The first part of the supplemental reading, comprising approximately 188 pages, has
been approved for printing at the bookstore. They should have it available long
before the first class. Note, however, that they may print and bind it only after they
have your order. So, you should go to the bookstore and try to purchase it a few
days before you will need it.
Students are to obtain iClickers for this class. These are acquired from the
bookstore. They need to be acquired before the first class. Students are to take their
iClickers to each class meeting (starting the first class).
The sellers of the iClicker also license an app for smartphone use. That app is not
suitable for this class. You will need to get the physical iClicker, which looks
something like a television remote.
Material addressing registration of the iClicker will be posted on the course
Blackboard-based web site (https://courses.missouri.edu) (under the folder named
“iClickers”; to be made available on or about January 15).
Usage of iClickers will be part of the performance in the class that is graded
(although, for the first week of class, use of the iClickers will not be graded).
Reading Assignments:
Week 1:
 Class 1 (1/20) [note: This class does not meet on Friday, 1/15]:
o CB: 405–406.7
o Supp.: 1–38.5
 Note: The syllabus has more textual exposition (as opposed to
cases) than the casebook. That type material may be covered in
class at a pace different from the pace at which we cover edited
cases. That is why the reading assignments covering the
supplement may include more pages than reading assignments
from the casebook.
o Read the class syllabus.
 I am aware that reading the syllabus and related
administrative items may seem like something one can skip.
Here’s the deal. There are some differences as to preparation
for class, attendance, and the like, from procedures for the
fall term. So, take care to read the syllabus in advance of the
first class. In addition, we will be using iClickers, which
require certain configuration that you will need to address.
So, you need to read these documents.
o Familiarize yourself with the iClickers by reading the material to be
posted on the course web site, under the folder named, iClickers, by
Friday, 1/15.
 Class 2 (1/22):
o Supp.: 38.5–57.8.
o CB: 417.8–420.10.
o Supp. 57.8–59. You should be prepared to discuss the problems on
these pages.
Tentative Assignments for Week 2:
 CB: 433.8–439.10.
 Supp. 60–107.