ADDENDUM #2 ITB# 2015-09-003: Integrated Pest Control Management Services



ITB# 2015-09-003: Integrated Pest Control Management Services

October 6, 2015


Are the Paradies included in the 8 hour days?

Inspections and reports are however, the routine treatment services are not.


There are many scenarios where someone could be onsite servicing a location and a emergency call come in where it is physically impossible to get from where you are to that location within thirty minutes. Another scenario would be emergency call at virtually any day out time of the week. Due to traffic this time frame would not be sufficient. Are there any caveats to response time as these times are unrealistic.

When on site during the normal scheduled work hours on Monday, Wednesday and

Friday, all site locations are accessible within 30 minutes. Outside of the those days and times, the requirement is for a response within 2 hours from the time the Company receives the call until the technician arrives on site.


Is there anyway, the Proposers can come back out to the airport during the night to

look at each restaurant and retail spaces to better help prepare an IPM plan?

Due to conflicting schedules and the quickly approaching proposal due date there is insufficient time to schedule another site/facility walk through.


Is there anyway to get a complete floor plan of the entire airport with square footage of all restaurants, retail areas, storage, break rooms and offices, etc?

This information is not readily available


On Page 16, Paragraph 4 it states " shall be Monday, Wednesday and

Friday for a 8 hours per day" yet, on Page 17, Number 3, (Rodent Control), the last sentence in that paragraph states that the company "shall check all trapping devices for rodents DAILY." Are Rodent Traps to be checked daily?

The traps shall be checked on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


In the last six months, where have you experienced the most pest control problems and what specifically was done to solve the problem?

This can only be answered as pertaining to the public/City spaces since we have not been servicing the locations occupied by Host and Paradies. We anticipate the largest number of calls from locations on the E concourse for ants and from break rooms for mice.


Where are the approximately 30 bait boxes located right now?

Loading dock and various locations around the main passenger terminal and concourses


What is the square footage of space that the company will be given to store products, equipment, pesticides, etc.?

Approximately 45 square feet and subject to change at any time due to construction and movement of leased space in the basement


On Page 17, 1. Description of Pests, under Base Services, it states “Indoor and outdoor populations winged stinging insects including nests” are included but in the

Pre-Bid Meeting, it was said it was exempt. Can you please clarify?

This was a misstatement by CLT staff; winged flying insects are included.


In the REP it talks about removal of dead pest. Does this primarily mean removing dead rodents or does it mean picking up or vacuuming dead bugs also?

Rodents only.


When you talk about removing stinging insect nest is there a limit as to how high the tech must go to remove them?

35 feet is the limit.


You have bats excluded from covered pest are birds excluded also.

Birds are excluded from Base Services. Requests to remove birds may be handled as

“Supplemental Services”.


The RFP states rodent stations should be glued to the ground or attached to the building. Is it okay to follow industry standards by attaching them to a concrete paver and put in place. This is considered tamper resistant.

The concrete paver method is allowed.


It states that all rodent devices will be checked on a daily basis. Do you mean on the three service days?



The RFP states that occasionally the storm drains and sanitary drains must be treated. Is this something that happens because poisons are not allowed in drains.

This is required to treat fruit flies that may be in the drains.


If a man lift is ever required will the CLT let the tech use one of their lifts?

CLT will allow the use of its man lift if it is available and only if the Company provided operator is certified. The use of CLTs man lift should be requested in writing 48 hours before it is needed.


It states that response time for emergency calls on the off days is 2 hours. Can this be changed to 4 hours? 2 hours would be very difficult to meet.

No, it remains 2 hours


Will the tech be required to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s day if they fall on a regular service day?

If required work days fall on a holiday, CLT will work with the Company on a change in the schedule. Written requests shall be submitted two (2) weeks in advance of the holiday and must be approved by CLT.

This does not apply to emergency call backs.


In the proposal it states that the selection committee would base their decision on several different factors. I was wondering what how many points is each section worth? (Example price 10 points, references 20 points etc, etc

CLT does not intend to rank the evaluation criteria by points


How much is the cost for security badges that are to be issued?

There is no cost to the Company unless they have not properly screened the person they are bringing in to be badged. If they are refused a badge due to a criminal activity the

Company shall pay $100.00 per incident.


Are there parking permits that have to be on company vehicles, if so is there a cost?



Can you add the following verbiage under number 7 to the agreement in the RFP?

See Below, the wording that Orkin’s counsel would like added is in yellow.


INDEMNIFICATION. The Company shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City and the City’s officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations, liabilities and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or resulting from Company’s negligent performance, or allegations thereof, under this Contract, except to the extent that the claims, losses, damages, obligations, liabilities and expenses are caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the City, or the City’s officers, agents and employees. Such liabilities shall include those arising from a violation of any federal, state or local law, regulation or ordinance by the Company or any of its subCompanys. Company shall purchase insurance, as described in Section 8 of the

Contract, which shall include coverage for the contractual liability described herein.

In any case in which Company provides a defense to the City pursuant to this indemnity, the defense will be provided by attorneys reasonably acceptable to the

City. This provision shall survive the expiration or early termination of the


The City is willing to add “reasonable” in front of attorney’s fees and “or willful misconduct” before of the City, however the addition of “negligence” before performance is not acceptable.


Can we get these two items added to the agreement? See below.

30. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. The City expressly releases Company from liability for any claim for personal injury (including stings or bites from any pests) or property damage (to include the structure or its contents) caused by any pests, unless caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Company. IN NO





31. CUSTOMER COOPERATION. The City shall extend all reasonably necessary cooperation to ensure satisfaction from pest services, including availability of premises, appropriate sanitation, and corrective construction measures. The failure of the customer to take necessary steps to correct conditions reported to it or to otherwise comply with its customer obligations will relieve Company of its obligations under its service guarantee and will permit Company, at its discretion, to terminate this Agreement with sixty (60) days written notice.

For proposed Section 30: Limitation of Liability, the City is only willing to insert the language starting with “In No Event Shall Either Party”. As to proposed Section 31, the

City already includes a Section related to provision of people and information and access to facilities in its contract. The Section is titled “Duty of the Company to Identify and

Request Information, Personnel and Facilities”. This section covers our responsibility to cooperate with our vendors. A breach of this would follow the normal default procedures set out in the contract. To that end, proposed Section 31 is not needed.


Can we have added under B. Base Services on page 17, where it excludes pests, the following below?

Bed Bugs

Pharaoh Ants/Fire Ants/Crazy Ants/Carpenter Ants

Brown Recluse Spiders

Beside of Termites, can we add other Wood Destroying Insects



Can we have the following added below to clarify the Scope of Service more clearly?

“This Service Agreement does not cover other pests such as Bed Bugs, Bat Bugs,

Mosquitoes, Termites and other wood destroying organisms, Mold, Birds and

Wildlife. Coverage for these excluded pests may be available under separate agreement at an additional charge.”

Similar language may be added but only to the extent that the pests listed in this provision are included in the excluded list as stated in Section B. Base Services on page 17 of the

RFP and/or in addenda.


Under Number 15. Audit on Page 36, can the last sentence have the following added that is in bold print below?

However, if non-compliance is found that would have cost the City in excess of

$5,000 but for the audit, then the Company shall be required to reimburse the City for the reasonable cost of the audit not to exceed 300% of the amount of any overcharges (if applicable).

The City is willing to add “reasonable” before cost in the audit section however the requested language “not to exceed 300% of the amount of any overcharges (if applicable)” is not acceptable.


Under the current contract please list the actual buildings the current vendor services. We are trying to determine what the current cost of $575 is covering.

Main terminal Public space and all tenant spaces including the Old Terminal, USAirway

Cargo, Police Heliport, USAirways Lost Baggage on West Blvd, CLT Center, Business valet lobby, Toll Plazas, Taxi Dispatch and holding area and excluding Host and Paradies managed locations.