Recommended exercises in Discrete mathematics and Logic 2003-09-01

Recommended exercises
in Discrete mathematics and Logic
The following are recommended exercises for the problem solving sessions in
discrete mathematics and logic, and are intended to cover the knowledge and
skill required in the part of the course dealing with discrete mathematics and
logic. Most of them are taken from Grimaldi, 4th edition, but very similar
execises can be found in the other recommended text books. Exercises prefixed
by G are from Grimaldi, and by N from Nilsson.
The list contains more exercises than you will be able to solve during class,
so you should try to complete as many of them as possible before coming to the
problem solving sessions. Some of the exercises have answers/hints/solutions
in the text book(s); but not all of them, and you should consult the answers only
after really trying to solve the exercises. If you feel uncertain of your solution,
first try to double check it (there are often different ways of arriving at the
answer), or check with your class mates; if you still feel uncertain after this, ask
for advice from the teachers.
You should view this list as a minimal requirement for passing the exam; to
work up your skill it is recommended that you try to solve also other (similar)
exercises in the text books.
G3.1.1–5, G3.1.15, G3.1.18, G3.2.1–4, G3.2.6, G3.2.7, G3.2.13,G3.2.16, G3.2.17.
G5.1.1, G5.1.2, G5.1.4, G5.1.5, G5.1.11,G5.1.12, G7.1.1, G7.1.2, G7.1.5–9, G7.1.13,
G7.1.16(a–b), G7.2.1, G7.2.2, G7.2.15, G7.3.1–4, G7.3.8, G7.3.12.
G5.2.1–5, G5.2.15, G5.3.1–3, G5.4.1–4, G5.6.7–10, G5.6.17, G5.6.20, G5.6.21.
Strings and number systems
G6.1.1, G6.1.5, G6.1.7, G4.3.14, G4.3.16, G4.3.20–22.
Boolean algebra
G15.1.1–6, G15.1.10–12.
Induction, recursion
G4.2.1, G4.2.12, G4.2.16, G5.1.13.
Logic (part 1)
N1.5, N2.1–2,N2.5–6, N2.9-10.
Logic (part 2)
N2.3–4, N2.12–14, N3.1–2, N3.4–6, N4.1–4.