The Power of Nutrition MyPyramid Puzzle March is National Nutrition Month

A Vision for the Future: Food Assistance for Senior Adults in Kansas
The Power of Nutrition
Eating right will give you benefits
today and in the future.
You can expect:
~ better health
~ greater quality of life
~ increased ability to function
For instance, eating plenty of fruits
and vegetables could protect your
mental capacity. Eating well will also
save you money in the long run.
Plus, a good diet tastes good
and is satisfying! With a willingness
to increase your nutrition knowledge,
some planning, a few practical behavior
changes, and a little help and
encouragement from others, you can
reduce your health risks and eat
to age healthfully.
by Mary Meck Higgins, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., CDE
MyPyramid Puzzle
Can you draw each food group in MyPyramid?
Listed below are your choices. See
Milk, Cheese, Yogurt
Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Whole Grains
Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Nuts
A Food Riddle
Read the following description and
figure out what is being described:
Throw out my outer.
Keep my inner.
Eat my outer.
Throw out my inner.
Answer: an ear of corn
March is National Nutrition Month
For information about food assistance for senior adults, call the Kansas SRS Service Center, toll free, at 888-369-4777