M.A in Human Rights & Democratization 2000-2001

M.A in Human Rights & Democratization 2000-2001
Abdul-Malak Marwan
International strategies and alliances for the elimination of
poverty and the attainment of sustainable development in
China and India
Achrai-Rappaport Orna
Al-Bakhit Majed
Some aspects of the Rights of Juvenile Detainees
Al-Bdour Taysir Saleh
Freedom of Expression in Jordan
Al-Hamed Khaled S.
The Right to development: A responsibility of a particular
state or of the International Community?
Alouini Jouda
Human Rights in Tunisian text books
Antar Ibrahim Wassim
Avner Johnay
Peacekeeping and Human Rights implications: The Kosovo
A study of the Derogability of certain fundamental Human
Benslama Rym
The Death Penalty as an exception to the right to life: To
what extent is capital punishment a violation to human
Economic Refugees of ‘illegal’ migrants: An analytic search
for causes of phenomenon and possible protection
Bouzidi Khemaies
Democracy and Human Rights in Jordan
Chaarani Hala
Biological weapons and Human Rights: Ethical Issues
Daqqaq Ihab
Women’s Rights between Theory and Implementation: The
Palestinian woman as an example
Fakhry-Tuttle Myrna
Beyond Pinochet: Bringing to justice human rights violators
form the Middle East
Figar Boujema
The Rights of Prisoners: A Comparative Study of the Prisons
in Malta and Morocco
Hajjaj Einav Bridgit
The influence of Religion on Woman Rights within
legislation: A Comparative Study on Christianity in Malta &
Judaism in Israel
Halel Livnat (Israel)
The Influence of the Media on Racism and Minority Groups
in Malta
Mahmoud Maher
Michalakis Michael
Mourabit Noura
Security of Israel and Arab Human Rights
Equal Rights and Opportunities for men and women under
EU Law
Women and political participation in the Mediterranean
Italy, Malta and Morocco as Cases of study.
Pieri Elena
Human Rights’ respect in Turkey: The Role of the military.
Rahimi Mounia
The right of self-determination between the international law
and practice framework. ETA – Basque Nationalism as a
Case of Study
Sercin Kutucu
The effects and influences of International Law and
Community on Human Rights policy and practice: The
effectiveness of European Union as a Regional institute on
Human Rights
The Length of detention pending trial: A comparative Study
about the Maltese preventive custody and the Italian
custodia cautelare.
Internal Displacement and the Right to Protection
Sultana Michelle (Malta)
Treiki Hadeel
Tseriotis Ioannis
Turki Hella
Uzun Ertugrul
Yogev Yael
Execution of judgements of the European Court of Human
Children’s perception of their own rights: a Semiotic
analysis of selected pictures drawn by some Arab children
their feelings toward their rights
The Human Rights Policy of the Barcelona process
Imprisoned Mothers motherhood and Victimization
Youssef Mehdi
Poverty: the effect on Human Rights
Zeidan Jihan
The Forgotten People: The case of Palestinian Refugees in
Lebanon and Jordan
Zeybekoglu Ali
The State of Political Rights in Turkey