Alpha Rho - Kansas Chapter
Annual Report, 2002
The Cooperative Extension Professional‘s Organization
Extension Fraternity
President’s Report - Beth Hinshaw
My term as President of Epsilon Sigma Phi
has been a rewarding experience and I have truly
enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many
Extension colleagues across our state. It has also
been my privilege to represent Kansas at regional
meetings and at the 2002 National Epsilon Sigma Phi
Marie Blythe and I represented our chapter at
the Regional Leadership workshop in February. This
meeting gave us the opportunity to connect with the
national board, meet ESP leaders from across the
region, and exchange ideas and information. It was
great to learn from other chapters, share some of our
chapter’s recent successes, and learn more about the
direction of the national organization.
We continued this year to sponsor the
“Coming Together for Kansas Families”, United
Association Meeting. The conference provided great
workshops, dynamic speakers and a financial benefit
to all co-sponsoring organizations. We are committed
to being involved again this year. The meeting will
be March 6-7, 2003 in Wichita. Put it on your
calendar now and watch for the details.
Galaxy II, September 21-25, 2003 should be
on your calendar as well. Not only will professional
development opportunities abound, we will also be
celebrating the 75 year anniversary of Epsilon Sigma
If you are not taking advantage of the Kansas
and National ESP websites, you need to at least
check them out and get them book marked for future
National Honorary
reference. On our Kansas site you will find,
membership lists, officer and committee lists,
newsletters, and so much more.
On the National website, in addition to
organizational information, one particularly useful
item is a collection of tools designed to help you
effectively share the Extension story and
communicate with stakeholders.
Daryl Buchholz will provide us great
leadership and organization next year and I am
looking forward to moving into my new role as
Endowment Fund Chair.
I appreciate all the officers, committee chairs
and members who have done great work this year for
our organization. Thanks to everyone that said “yes”
when asked to do something for Epsilon Sigma Phi
and for your continued support and encouragement.
Beth Hinshaw
President , Epsilon Sigma Phi
Vice President - Daryl Buchholz
Highlight for the year for the vice-president
was attending the Public Issues Leadership
Development Conference in Washington, DC. The
2002 conference focused on “Public Policy:
Community Security”. The conference theme brought
many interesting and educational speakers who
focused on the response at community level
following the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001.
This included an overview of the response continuum
from those actions taken which are primarily the
military responsibility to those of civil responsibility
and all the tension of issues that fall somewhere in
The conference provided an excellent
background on policy development and on
understanding political realities in creation of new
laws and rules on the federal level. I thought we were
given an excellent background in understanding how
we can make a difference in shaping policy through
our work with local community leaders and political
leaders. Break-out sessions provided excellent
opportunity to gain insight into several current issues
and the strategies being employed through
partnerships, collaboratives, and alternative methods
of delivering education, and information and
reaching the audiences most in need.
Meeting the USDA - CSREES administrator
and several national program leaders provided a great
opportunity to become familiar with the support
structure in place for Cooperative Extension at the
federal level. Additionally, the familiarity of all the
participants with the decision making structure of
ECOP and NASULGC in shaping federal policy with
Congress and the Administrative branch is helpful in
understanding where best to begin to work on issues
of critical national interest.
A highlight of the PILD conference is the day
on the Capitol Hill engaging in conversation with our
Kansas Senators and Representatives and their staff
members. The Kansas PILD delegation shared
highlights of K-State Research and Extension
Programming, discussed critical issues facing
Kansans, responded to questions of the staffers and
Congressmen, and graciously thanked them for the
work they do on our behalf in support of the many
priorities carried through K-State Research and
Extension programs.
In meeting with the ESP national leadership
and other state delegates, I took to that group the
urgent need to bring an increased emphasis on public
issues education to Extension faculty all across the
system. A result will be a renewed emphasis and
special educational sessions at the upcoming Galaxy
Conference in Salt Lake City and at the NACAA
Convention in Green Bay, both in 2003.
My thanks to Beth Hinshaw for her leadership
given to the Alpha Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi
this past year. My thanks also to Jim Lindquist for his
past leadership, as president of National Epsilon
Sigma Phi in 2001. Their great work on behalf of all
of us as Extension professionals is greatly
appreciated. I look forward to the year ahead working
to increase the value of ESP, keeping a focus towards
its mission: “Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) is dedicated to
fostering standards of excellence in the Extension
system and developing the Extension profession and
Respectfully submitted,
Daryl Buchholz
Vice-President - Alpha Rho Chapter
Epsilon Sigma Phi
Secretary - Trudy Rice
Minutes of the annual and board meetings
were written and put on the web. Maintained routine
correspondence and completed the annual report with
the help of the officers and committee chairs.
Trudy M. Rice, Secretary
Historian - Sandra Wick
In case you have not heard, all EPSI historical
date is now stored in the KSU Hale Library. If you
have some historical records that you are needing to
dispose of, bring it to Manhattan the next time you
make a trip. We are collecting any historical data of
the organization.
Sandra Wick, Historian
Treasurer - Stacey Warner
See attached membership list.
Stacey Warner, Treasurer
Editor Report - Marie Blythe
Two issues of the newsletter were published: one
spring, one fall. These were posted on the Alpha Rho
Web site and a hard copy was mailed to retirees. By
the time we did the fall newsletter, some retiree email addresses had been acquired which meant less
hard copies to mail.
Information was collected from the
committee chairs to develop the Awards Banquet
program booklet. The information was sent to
Publications Coordinator, Nancy Peavler.
Professionalism - Sandra Wick
No report.
Awards - Diane Mack
Award nominations were solicited during the
month of August with an e-mail letter to current
members, notes in the Tuesday Letter and an article
in the newsletter. The selection was made by the
committee in September.
Members are encouraged to nominate their
peers for awards next year.
All awards will be presented at the banquet
during annual conference.
Committee members are: Diane Mack, Chair;
Denise Dias, Chair elect; Carla Morrical-Frederking;
Fran Richmond; Benny Robbins; Dan Rogers; and
Tranda Watts.
Council Directors
2001 Awards South Central - Jean Clarkson-Frisbie - The
South Central Area has twenty-six members with
three of them being associate members.
Northeast - Susan Latta - No report.
Northwest - Terry Mannell - No report.
Southeast - Connie Hock - No report.
Southwest - Gary Gold - No report.
KSU - Ray LaMond - No report.
Retiree - Larry Corah - No report.
Endowment Fund - Roger Terry
Recruitment and Retention - David Lott
No report.
Public Issues - Terry Mannell
No report.
Horizon Member Award - Peggy BerrierBoyd, Chris Rost, Emily Nolting, Karen
Early Career Award - Susie Latta.
Mid-Career Award - Kathy Wright.
Meritorious Service - Laurie Chandler, Vicky
Retiree Service Award - Max Morris.
Team Award - Camp Action Team.
State Friend of Extension - Ray Purdy.
State Distinguished Service Award - Katey
International Service Award - Warren Prawl.
Resource Management - Marsha Weaver
No report.
Annual Meeting - Jodi Besthorn
Nomination - Doug Jardine
The annual banquet committee made
arrangements for the 2003 event held at Pottorf Hall.
The committee continued to renew the tradition of a
light punch reception prior to the banquet so that
colleagues would have more time to interact.
Decorations were provided by the Riley County
Extension Master Gardeners. Committee members
were: Karen Blakeslee, Alan Ladd, Lindy Lindquist,
Belinda Oldham, Vicky Overley, and Andrea Giefer.
Karen Blakeslee will serve as chair of next year’s
banquet committee.
A slate of officers was prepared for the
election to be held at annual meeting.
Recognition - Carl Garten
The tenure award committee as relied on
Stacey Warner to develop our list of tenure
individuals. We will recognize the following at the
ESPI Banquet at annual conference.
35 Years Carol Young
30 Years Connall Addison
Crystal Coffman
Gary Kilgore
Sherrie Mahoney
Paul Ohlenbusch
David Schafer
Jenell Smith
Tranda Watts
Reba White
25 Years Paul Hartman
Kathryn Lupfer-Nielsen
Danny Rogers
Ann Sparke
Marilyn Toellner
Doris Walker
Memorial - Pam VanHorn
No report.
Retirement Equity - Dave Schaffer
Although hope springs eternal that the pledge
by our Dean/Director to internally fund the 4+4%
matching plan to restore some equity between SCRS
plan participants and other retirement programs at
KSU, the current fiscal crisis has again delayed
implementation. Approval to alter the state statute
authorizing this change had been received from the
Legislative Joint Committee on Investments,
Pensions and Benefits in August, 2001, and resulted
in HB-2540. However, when fiscal constraints
became apparent in early 2002, it seemed prudent to
withdraw the bill until later. Efforts will continue to
be made seeking equitable treatment at the earliest
possible opportunity.
Professional Development - Pat Fultz
No report.