July 8, 2003 (Mr SCHRAMM)

July 8, 2003
QoS concepts and architecture in 3GPP
Abstract: Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the standard making body for 3G mobile
telecommunication systems, started its work on IP based Quality of Service with the
introduction of Packet Switched (PS) services in 2.5G/GPRS. The 3GPP Release 99
standard contains a comprehensive framework for QoS covering all subsystems, from
radio access network through core network up to the gateway node to external networks.
This framework was further extended towards end-to-end QoS within 3GPP Release 5
when the IP-based Multimedia Subsystem was introduced. The presentation gives an
overview on the basic concepts of QoS provision and the architecture standardized for the
different 3GPP Releases. Furthermore, it is shown how 3GPP standards contribute to the
end-to-end QoS. Finally, the status of some ongoing Release 6 work is outlined.