Keck Center Fall 2015 Events “Reporting From China”

Keck Center Fall 2015 Events
“Is Crisis the New Normal in the European Union?”
Tim Haughton
Political Scientist, University of Birmingham
Tuesday, September 15th
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture
“Reporting From China”
Dave Barboza
Shanghai Bureau Chief of NY Times
Monday, September 21st
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture
“Examining the Roots of Polarization in Our Constitutional Order”
Dreier Roundtable Joint Seminar
Friday, October 9th
Les Campbell, National Democratic Institute
Ambassador Mark Green, International Republican Institute
Kathryn Stoner, Freeman Spogli Institute, Stanford University
“China: Fragile Super Power”
Susan Shirk
Chair of the 21st Century China Program,
UC San Diego
Wednesday, November 11th
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture
“Making Human Rights a Reality”
Co-Sponsored event with the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights
Emilie Hafner-Burton
Director of Laboratory on International Law and
Regulation at UC San Diego
Monday, November 16th
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture
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