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A nonpartisan, nonprofit
Post Office Box 2309
organization established by the
Davis, California 95617
Northern and Southern California
Telephone 530.297.6000
Public Health Associations
Fax 530.297-6200
Registering to vote:
You can apply to vote online or print out the application
Voter registration forms in Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai,
and Vietnamese are also available.
Getting appointed to a state board/commission:
o Instructions for applying for appointment from Governor Brown’s website, including
the actual online application.
Finding your elected officials:
o To find your local officials, highlight the dropdown menu “Take Action” on the topleft side of the page and click on “Find Your Elected Officials”
o Search by address, zip code, or state to find your state (governor, lt. governor,
treasurer, and state senators/assembly members) and federal elected officials
(senators and house representatives)
( )
o At the bottom-left of the home page, there is a list titled “Directories.” Listed under
this is “Local elected officials” – click on this.
o This will take you to the local elected official directory where you can search for
your elected official by zip code, city, state, or the official’s last name.
 Note: depending on which criterion you use, you will get different results.
 Zip code will tell you your country supervisors, county administrator,
and clerk-recorder
 City will tell you your mayor, city council members, city manager,
and city clerk.
 Last name will get you the matching individual.
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