M340 Computer Lab Information

Computer Lab Information
• Location:
The computer labs accessible to you are Weber 205 and Weber 206. Weber 205
is officially the Mathematics lab, while Weber 206 is the Statistics Lab. However,
both rooms are accessible to you provided that they are not otherwise taken, e.g.
by a class.
• Login:
To login you first must make sure that the DOMAIN is set to MATHSTAT. Otherwise you will not be able to log in a student account. You must type in the following:
LOGIN: the user-ID of your section
Password: the password of your section
This information will be given to you by your instructor in the first Lab-session.
• Starting Matlab:
After login you double-click the Matlab icon to start the Matlab environment. A
Matlab window will appear.
• Which directory to use in Matlab:
Once you started Matlab it is important to enter a Matlab working directory which
allows you to save and execute your own work. There are three possibilities:
(a) Insert a floppy in the floppy drive and then enter at the Matlab prompt:
>> cd a:\
(b) Use the temporary storage on the c: drive by entering
>> cd c:\temp
(c) Use the other drive on the local machine which is accessible to you. This drive
is e: on the computers with a grey front cover and d: on the computers without
a grey front cover. Thus type either
>> cd e:\
>> cd d:\
In either case the working directory will be changed to the chosen directory. Every
file you save now will be saved on this directory and every file in this directory will
be accessible to Matlab. For reasons of speed it is recommended that you choose
one of the options (b) or (c). However you should be aware that these are storages
on the local machine and your files are accessible to everybody else who uses this
machine after you. This means that if you log on on a different machine, you will
not find your files. Therefore it is recommended that you save your files on a floppy
when you are finished.
• There is another directory,
in which the instructors save additional Matlab files such as dfield5 and pplane5.
You can read all files on this directory or save them on a floppy, but you don’t have
write permission. In order that Matlab has access to the saved files you have to add
the directory to the Matlab path. To do this type
addpath g:\m340
at the Matlab prompt in the Command Window and press the Enter key.
You have to execute the cd and addpath commands (if needed) each time you start
a Matlab session.
• Logging out:
Before leaving, everybody should log out. Do this the following way (refers to
Window items on the screen):
Start -> Shutdown -> Close all programs and log on as a different user.
Note that it might take a few seconds until you will be logged out.
• Printing:
You can print on the default printer in the lab.
• Reporting problems:
Report lab problems to [email protected] But please, general Matlab, Word
or other software questions are not lab problems!
• How long will account be valid?
You class account will be deleted by the end of the semester.