Curriculum vitae 3010 N. Overland Trail, Laporte, Colorado 80535, USA Telephone:

Curriculum vitae
3010 N. Overland Trail, Laporte, Colorado 80535, USA
8/2006 – 4/2011
8/2002 – 8/2006
9/1986 – 5/1990
[email protected]
Ph.D. (Mathematics), Colorado State University (3.908 GPA)
MS (Mathematics), Colorado State University (3.968 GPA)
BS (Electrical Engineering) and BS (Physics), Psychology Minor
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Work Experience
8/2014 – Present
Colorado State University (Special Assistant Professor)
Responisible for classroom and distance teaching and curriculum develioment for
distance courses, management and enhancements of on-campus PACe delivery
system, distance mathematics course system, online placement exam and ELM
tutorial system, and interfaces for tutors, bookstore staff, and departmental staff, as
well as interfacing with OnlinePlus for delivery of distance programs.
8/2011 – 8/2014
Colorado State University (Distance Mathematics Facilitator)
Development and operation of CSU distance mathematics web platform and web sites
for distance courses and placement exams; teaching distance sections of precalculus
and science/engineering Calculus; working with OnlinePlus and ProctorU to facilitate
student progress; teaching sections of resident courses.
4/2011 – 7/2011
University of New Mexico (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Research position at the Center for High Tech Materials. Worked with Dr. Steven
Brueck (UNM) and Dr. Ron Kaspi (US Air Force) to develop mathematical models of
widely tunable mid-IR semiconductor lasers using chirped gratings. Research resulted
in a patent for a novel tunable laser design.
6/2009 – 3/2011
Colorado State University (Fellowship Grant Trainee)
Participated in interdisciplinary research project funded by NSF with faculty and
graduate students from Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer
Engineering, and Computer Science to study cell communication and migration in
developing brain. Worked with area high schools to bring current research topics into
the high school math/science classroom, with weekly classroom visits.
2/2013 – 12/2014
Society for Creative Anachronism (Regional President)
President of regional branch including Ft. Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and surrounding
rural areas. SCA is a nonprofit educational 501c(3) that studies and recreates aspects
of the middle ages. Duties included overseeing monthly business meetings, filing
regular reports, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance of group activities.
4/2007 – Present
Beken Learning Systems (President)
Founded an educational software company that has licensed the distance
mathematics delivery platform through Colorado State University Research Foundation
to deliver online instruction, homework, and assessment. Developed a Mathematics
Placement Exam for University of Wyoming based on this platform.
8/16/2003 – 5/31/2009 Colorado State University (Graduate Assistant)
Designed and developed the distance mathematics delivery system for placement
exams, course delivery, homework assignments, and exams, replacing an existing
paper-based system. Co-authored five pre-calculus electronic books, and taught
several pre-calculus courses in a classroom setting.
4/2/2002 – 10/7/2004
NANI Games International, LLC (President)
Founded and operated a product oriented company that delivered internet-based
amusement machines based on touch-screen and wireless network technologies.
8/1/1999 – 1/3/2008
National Amusement Network, Inc. (CTO)
Managed technical architecture design, construction, and project oversight during the
creation of a North American network to link retail, point-of-purchase, and amusement
devices and provide a rich set of services to consumers, manufacturers, distributors
and marketing companies.
8/20/1999 – 6/1/2002
The Brobst-Benoit Company (President)
Owned and managed a consulting and contract software development company with
six full-time employees. Contracts included software development, database design
and implementation, web site creation, and e-commerce implementation.
6/11/1990 – 7/1/1999
Electronic Data Systems Corp. (Systems Engineer)
Lead a technical team ranging from four to ten engineers in the operation and
enhancement of network systems for several clients.
o Online curriculum development and delivery
o Classroom teaching
o Mathematical modeling and numerical/computational simulation
o Twenty four years of professional software development in C, C++, and Java, including
scientific/numerical computation, database and network integration, user interfaces (both
native and web-based), visualization, and MPI-based parallel processing.
o Network design, implementation, and management experience.
Publications and Patents
Method and Aparatus for Fabrication of Controlled Chirp Gratings
With Steven R. J. Brueck and Xiang He, University of New Mexico, U.S. Patent No.
8,908,724, issued Dec. 9. 2014.
Helical states of nonlocally interacting molecules and their linear stability: geometric
With D. D. Holm and V. Putkaradze, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. (44):5 2011. Featured in
IOPSelect, and selected for journal cover illustration. (arXiv 1006.1086).
Mastery with meaning: access to mathematics online
With P. Kennedy, W. Ellis, and J. Oien, Math and Comp Ed, 41 (2), Spring 2007.
Book Collaborations
College algebra in context I
College algebra in context II
Logarithmic and exponential functions
Numerical trigonometry
Analytic trigonometry
All electronic textbooks written with P. Kennedy and W. Ellis
Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company, 2007.
Talks & Other Work
A minimum-energy quadratic curve through three points and corresponding cubic Hermite
October 2011 (arXiv 1010.4615)
Mathematical modeling of biological events and cell-cell communication
Delivered at the “Understanding cell communication using modern microelectronics”
symposium, August 23-24, 2010 at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Modeling ion migration in solution under a nonuniform magnetic field
MS Thesis, advisor: P. duChateau, Colorado State University, 2006.
Research Interests
Mathematical models and computational simulations of complex molecular systems,
including biological systems. Geometric methods for mechanics based on Poisson manifold
and Lie algebra techniques. General relativity and field theories. Multi-scale and multiphysics computational analysis.
2009 – NSF GK-12 fellowship “A Multi-Disciplinary Research and Teaching Program in
Biomedical Engineering for Discovery and Understanding of Cell”, grant #0841259 .
2008 – Albert C. Yates Research fellowship
2007 – 2008 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant
Born in Colorado;
Married in 1999 with one son;
Personal interests include software design, online teaching, the history of science, wood and
metal working, and brewing.
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