Research and Education Community Advisory Board New RECAB Member Application Instructions

Research and Education Community Advisory Board
New RECAB Member Application
Type responses to all items on this form and return your completed application to:
Linda Ziegahn, PhD at [email protected]
Or mail to:
Linda Ziegahn, PhD
2921 Stockton Boulevard
CRISP Building, Suite 1408
Sacramento, CA 95823
Attach any additional supporting material that will assist the nominations committee on following
Mission Statement
Our mission is to foster research that is relevant to our communities. We bring researchers and
communities together to build trust and mutual understanding.
The RECAB supports health-related communication and partnerships. We are the bridge
between the Clinical and Translational Science Center and underserved communities. In order
to make sure that UC Davis research is relevant to our communities, we advise and assist
health scientists on connecting to communities, and recommend educational approaches to
Community Engagement Program staff. Our ultimate aims are to improve the knowledge, skills,
and attitudes of both researchers and communities around pressing public health problems.
General Information
Mailing Address:
Email (home):
Email (work):
Phone (home):
Phone (work):
Phone (cell):
Statement of General Interest and Qualifications
1. Why are you interested in becoming part of the RECAB Advisory Board? Please indicate
your interest in becoming a RECAB Board member and tell us how you learned about the
2. As this is a community advisory board, please identify the community or communities whose
perspective(s) you would represent.
3. What is your professional or occupational background? Please describe any special skills
that would contribute to our mission.
4. Please describe your volunteer activities. Provide a description of other advisory boards that
you have served on or other volunteer activities, including fundraising, in support of nonprofit agencies.
5. Being a part of the RECAB will require that you attend bimonthly meetings, participate in
subcommittee work, and attend RECAB-sponsored events whenever possible. Are you able
to commit to the time needed for these activities? (Please refer to RECAB Roles and
Responsibilities information).
Supplemental Material (attach vitas, resumes, articles, etc.)