My name is Susan Sawdy. I was born in... of 3

Susan Sawdy Mikkelson
CSUF 1981
Briefly tell about your family history:
My name is Susan Sawdy. I was born in Torrance,CA. I was the 3rd of 3
children born to Howard & Ragna Dobratz. I was the 1st to go to college in
my family, and the 1st nurse in my family. I graduated from FSC/CSUF in
1981. I married Myron Mikkelson, we have 1 child, Justin 25 Graphic
design artist. I worked at RMC as a CNOR from 1983-1999 for 16 years. I
have been working in Cardiac and general surgery at MMC Redding, CA
since 1999
Short Nursing BIO: Tell us about your Nursing career since graduation
and further education you may have received:
1983-1999 RMC CNOR
1999-Present MMC CNOR Cardiac/General.
List any student nurse experiences you may remember and any faculty:
I remember our first year- realizing our program would be challenging in
matters of academics, technical areas and endurance. I never expected being
faced with making up a bed with clean linens with a person in it!
How do you feel about nursing then and now, and in the future?
Yesterday, today and always- nursing is a challenge, a reward, and a way to
serve others
Any bits of wisdom you have learned over the years? (if you have
changed profession, how has your nursing education helped?)
I have never left nursing, but also am a licensed real estate broker and
computer network marketer. Nursing education, formal and ongoing
practice, has taught me to be a problem solver, team player and tenacious.