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Fellowships and International Programs
August 1, 2005
Program Information
To receive program descriptions and
application forms for funding opportunities, please contact Beverly Page,
Information Specialist, Research and
Sponsored Programs, phone: (785)5325045, e-mail: [email protected]
Vol. 14, No. 29
Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/16/2005;
Applications 9/16/2005
The following program(s) have limited
submissions and require internal coordination: FB 29-10. Please contact Jim
Guikema, Associate Vice Provost for
Research, 532-6195, [email protected],
by the entry’s listed internal deadline date
if you are interested in applying.
29-1 DOE-EPSCoR Preproposals
The Department of Energy’s EPSCoR
Implementation Award program is soliciting proposals from EPSCoR states.
Because a single proposal is allowed from
each eligible state, Kansas will select a single preproposal on the basis of fundability
at the national level. 2 page preproposals in
pdf format are due in the state DOE EPSCoR by 5:00pm Central Time. Proposals
should be emailed to [email protected] Questions should be
addressed to Professor Brett D. De Paola at
[email protected]
Deadline: Preproposals 8/5/2005, Proposal 9/21/2005
The Commerce Department’s Economic
Development Administration invites
applications for a research and technical
assistance project that addresses competitiveness and innovation in rural U.S.
regions. The project will focus on analyzing rural clusters of innovation and
linking rural and metropolitan regions.
(FR 7/19/05)
Deadline: 8/18/2005
29-4 National Humanities Center
Fellowships (NHC)
29-7 Vocational Rehabilitation
Counseling (ED)
The National Humanities Center offers
40 residential fellowships for advanced
study in the humanities during the academic year, September 20006 through
May 2007. Applicants must hold a doctorate or have equivalent scholarly credentials, and a record of publication is
expected. In addition to scholars from all
fields of the humanities, the Center
accepts individuals from the natural and
social sciences, the arts, the professions,
and public life who are engaged in
humanistic projects.
Deadline: 10/15/2005
The Rehabilitation Long-Term Training
program provides financial assistance for:
1) Projects that provide basic or advanced
training leading to an academic degree in
areas of personnel shortages in rehabilitation as identified by the Secretary; 2)
Projects that provide a specified series of
courses or program of study leading to
award of a certificate in areas of personnel shortages; and 3) Projects that provide
support for medical residents enrolled in
residency training programs in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The current priority is Partnership
With the State VR Agency. This priority
supports projects that will increase the
knowledge of students of the role and
responsibilities of the VR counselor and
the benefits of counseling in State VR
agencies. This priority focuses attention
on and intends to strengthen the unique
role of rehabilitating educators and State
VR agencies in the preparation of qualified VR counselors by increasing or creating ongoing collaboration between
institutions of higher education and State
VR agencies. CFDA #84.129B (FR 7/20/
Deadline: 9/6/2005
29-2 Research on Research Integrity
The National Institutes of Health invites
applications to support empirical research
on research integrity. Applications must
have clear relevance to biomedical, behavioral health sciences, and health services
research. The sponsoring programs are
particularly interested in research that will
provide clear evidence (rates of occurrence
and impacts) of potential problem areas as
well as societal, organizational, group, and
individual factors that affect, both positively and negatively, integrity in research.
Relevant research perspectives and disciplines include, but are not limited to:
anthropology, applied philosophy, business, economics, education, information
studies, law, organizational studies, health
services, political science, psychology,
public health, sociology, and survey and
evaluation research, plus the physical, biomedical, and clinical sciences, including
nursing. RFA-NR-06-001 (NIHG 7/1/05)
29-6 Universal Design Leadership
Project (NEA)
This Program Solicitation requests proposals to carry out a project that will create greater public awareness of and
demand for universal designed environments, by educating designers, consumers, educators, developers, city planners,
and others on this important design process. The successful proposal must outline a project that will involve
collaboration with targeted audiences,
using innovative strategies in order to
meet the broad social need, while bringing universal design into the mainstream.
PS05-07 (FG 7/22/05)
Deadline: 9/12/2005
29-3 Economic Development
Research (DOC)
Limited Submission
Deadline: 10/1/2005
29-5 Preserving and Providing
Access to Records (NARA)
The National Historical Publications and
Records Commission (NHPRC) sponsors
a variety of projects and programs to preserve and make available for use those
records that further an understanding and
appreciation of American history. The
Commission encourages archival repositories, state and local governments, historical societies, libraries, academic
institutions, and others to act vigorously
to locate and preserve documents of
national and state historical significance.
Commission-supported projects help to
ensure that these records are saved and
made available for public use. Commission grants help grantees assess records
conditions and needs, develop archival
and records management programs, and
provide support for historical photograph, news film, and sound recordings
preservation and for microfilming. (FG
29-8 CISE Computing Research
Infrastructure (CRI) (NSF)
The Computer and Information Science
and Engineering (CISE) Computing
Research Infrastructure program supports
the acquisition, development, enhancement, and operation of research infra-
A weekly publication of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
For further information, call 785-532-5045
structure that enables discovery, learning,
and innovation in all computing fields
supported by CISE. Supported infrastructure includes instrumentation needed by a
few research or research and education
projects, major experimental facilities for
an entire department or for multi-institutional projects, and test beds or data
archives for an entire subfield of CISE
researchers. The CRI program will make
three kinds of awards: Infrastructure
Acquisition. These awards have been
budgets up to $2,000,000; Community
Resource Development. These awards
have budgets from $300,000 to
$2,000,000; medium from $300,000 to
$800,000 and large over $800,000; Planning. These awards facilitate the preparation of a proposal for a medium or large
infrastructure acquisition grant. NSF 04588 (Posted 7/22/05)
Deadline: Letters of Intent large proposals 7/29/2005; Applications 8/22/
29-9 NASA 2005 Small Business
Technology Transfer (STTR) Program
The NASA STTR program is designed as
a vehicle for converting the nation’s
investment in research carried out by
research institutions into new commercial
technologies in order to advance U.S.
economic competitiveness and high-tech
development. Phase 1 proposals submitted in response to this solicitation must be
jointly developed by a small business
concern and a research institution with
not less than 40% of the work being performed by the small business as the prime
contractor and not less than 30% of the
work being performed by the research
institution. The NASA STTR 2005
research areas correspond to the central
underlying technological competencies of
each participating NASA Center. It is
anticipated that the NASA 2005 solicitation will identify specific product areas
within each subtopic that NASA wishes
to emphasize. STTR2005 (FBO 5/27/05)
Deadline: 9/7/2005
29-10 Parker B. Francis Fellowships in
Pulmonary Research (Francis)
The Parker B. Francis Fellowship in Pulmonary Research is intended to support
the development of outstanding investigators who plan careers in lung biology and
respiratory medicine. Fellowship support
helps them make the transition to independent, self supporting, faculty members. Parker B. Francis Fellowship grants
are awarded to institutions to provide stipends, fringe benefits and travel expenses
for qualified post-doctoral fellows or
newly appointed assistant professors.
Award recipients will thereby be enabled
to devote the major part of their professional effort to research related to pulmonary disease and lung biology. There are
no restrictions regarding discipline or
department. Each department may submit only one application annually and is
limited to a maximum of two active fellowships at any one time. The deadline
for internal selection of nominees is September 1.
Deadline: Internal 9/1/2005; 10/17/2002
29-11 Pathogenesis and Treatment of
Lymphedema Secondary to the
Management of Breast Cancer (ACS)
The American Cancer Society, supported
by the Longaberger Company is announcing this RFA to investigate the incidence,
etiology and new treatments for secondary lymphedema in human subjects. The
purpose of this RFA is to stimulate
research on the modification of morbidity
from lymphedema secondary to treatment
for breast cancer and to gain some understanding of the natural history and effective interventions aimed at minimizing
that morbidity. RFA-02-2005
Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/15/2005;
Applications 10/15/2005
29-12 International Science and
Education (USDA)
The International Science and Education
Competitive Grants Program (ISE) supports research, extension, and teaching
activities that will enhance the capabilities of American colleges and universities
to conduct international collaborative
research, extension and teaching. ISE
projects are expected to enhance the international content of curricula; ensure that
faculty work beyond the U.S. and bring
lessons learned back home; promote
international research partnerships;
enhance the use and application of foreign
technologies in the U.S.; and strengthen
the role that colleges and universities play
in maintaining U.S. competitiveness.
USDA-GRANTS-072205 (FG 7/22/05)
Deadline: 9/15/2005
29-13 USIP Solicited Grant
Competition Grant Program (USIP)
The United States Institute of Peace
announces its Upcoming Fall 2005 Solicited Grant Competition. The solicited
Grant competition is restricted to projects
that fit specific themes and topics identified in advance by the Institute of Peace.
The themes and topics for the Fall 2005
Solicited competition are: Solicitation A:
Rule of Law in African Countries Emerging from Violent Conflict; Solicitation B:
Education and Islam. The Agency also
announces its Unsolicited Grant Program,
which offers training, and the dissemination of information on international peace
and conflict resolution. The Unsolicited
competition is open to any project that
falls within the Institute’s broad mandate
of international conflict resolution. (FR 6/
Deadline: 10/1/2005
29-14 Head Start Family Literacy
Program (HHS)
The Administration for Children and
Families (ACF), Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF), Head
Start Bureau is making available $3 million annually for each of the next five
years, to support a cooperative agreement
to provide family literacy training and
technical assistance to Head Start and
Early Head Start programs based on
proven effective practices substantiated
by research findings. This project will
help grantees and delegate agencies
nationwide to improve the quality and
positive outcomes of family literacy services they provide. This includes programs serving American Indians, Alaska
Natives, migrant and seasonal workers,
and English language learners. HHS2005-ACF-ACYF-YL-0023 (FR 7/25/05)
Deadline: 9/8/2005
29-15 Jacob K. Javits Fellowship
Program (ED)
The purpose of the JKJ Fellowship Program is to award fellowships to eligible
students of superior ability, selected on
the basis of demonstrated achievement,
financial need, and exceptional promise,
to undertake graduate study in selected
fields in the arts, humanities, and social
sciences leading to a doctoral degree or to
a master’s degree in those fields in which
the master’s degree is the terminal highest
degree awarded in the selected field of
study at accredited institutions of higher
education. CFDA #84.170A (FR 6/14/05)
Deadline: 10/3/2005
R.W. Trewyn, Vice Provost for Research &
Dean of the Graduate School
Jim Guikema, Associate Vice Provost, Graduate Research
Caron Boyce, Administrative Specialist
Preaward Section
Paul Lowe, Director
Anita Fahrny, Assistant Director
Kathy Tilley, Carole Lovin, Rich Doan, Carmen Garcia, Dorothy Doan, Rex Goff, Dawn
Caldwell, Leah Matteson
Information Specialist & Editor
Beverly Page
Human Subjects, Animal Care & Use,
and Biosafety
Gerald P. Jaax, Research Compliance Officer
Ashley Rhodes, Research Compliance Monitor
Adassa Roe, Administrative Specialist
Congressional Relations
Sue Peterson, R.W. Trewyn
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Funding Opportunities for Research, Instruction, Service, Creative Activities