WETTINGER, GODFREY (22.12.1929), Historian.

WETTINGER, GODFREY (22.12.1929), Historian.
Born at Mosta, Wettinger received his education at the Lyceum and St. Michael’s
College. Lived at Mellieha, 1931-64 and at St Julian’s 1964- . He taught in primary
schools, at the Lyceum and at the Junior College. Wettinger graduated BA in History as
an external student of London University (1953), MA (1965), and Ph.D. (1971). Lectured
at the UM from 1972 onwards, and later became Head of the Department of History,
Chairman of the Faculty of Arts, Professor (1991), and Dean of the Faculty of Arts. For
several times he was a member of Senate. He often spent long spells abroad at London,
Oxford, Palermo and other places of archival research. A founding member (1951), past
editor of the journal Melita Historica, and past president of the Malta Historical Society,
Wettinger was nominated member of the National Order of Merit (MOM) in 1996.
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‘Slavery in the Maltese Islands, ca. 1000 AD to 1814’, with which Prof. Wettinger returns to his
original intellectual interests and for half of which he had obtained Ph.D. in 1971 from
the University of London
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