REAS, the abuse of drugs has created a major law enforcement crisis in Texas; and
REAS, there is a need for a comprehensive and coordinated effort among parents, schools, law enforcement, private indusw, and state;
EREAS, Congress passed and the Resident signed the Omnibus Anti-Drug Abuse Acts of 1986 (P.L. 99-570) and 1988 (P.L.
[email protected]), which provide Texas with funding assistance to fight this menace in our state; and
REAS, the intent of the federal legislation and the recommendation of the U.S. Justice Department is to coordinate the expenditure of
monies and to eahance their effective u~ m combating substance abuse;
authority vested in me, do hereby revoke, rescind, and repeal
Policy Advisory Board, hereinafter referred to as the Advisory
a statewide drug strategy with input from all parties interested in
for the expenditure of funds under the Acts, will report on the
, and will perform other duties as .requested by the Governor.
will consist of not more than 13 members appointed by the Governor who shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.
shall be comprised of representatives &om education, law enforcemen& and interested organizations and of other
:Cov&nor shall designate a Chair and Vicechair from the membership who shall serve in those positions at the pleasure of the Governor.
e . ~ d v my
i s Board shall m e t at the call of the Chair. A majority of the membership shall constitute a qwrum for the purpose of conducting
bbipess of the Advisory Board.
of the Advisory Board will be performing functions m aid of the state and will serve without compensation but may be
their reasonable and necessary navel expenses incurred while attending officially called meetings of the Advisory Board.
.ageacies of state and local governments are hereby directed to cooperate with and assist the Advisory Board in the performance of its
Executive Order shall be effective immediately and shall remain in full force and effect until modified, amended, or rescinded by me.
force and effect until modified, amended, or rescinded by me.
ed in Austin, Texas on November 14, 1991.
Ann W. 'Rihards
Governor of Texas
The Governor
November 22, 1991
14 TexReg6729