Course Units 2009‐2010  Course Unit General Meeting  Minutes  Friday 18 September 2009 

Course Units 2009‐2010 Course Unit General Meeting Minutes Friday 18 September 2009 11.00‐13.00 Bedford Way LG04 Staff present: Yoko Aldous Sara Bragadina Anja Boeing Roberto D’Onofrio Juan Fernandez Diego Flores‐Jaime Petra Garcia‐Rodriguez Luay Hasan Dr So Hiranuma Apologies: Dr Christine Hoffmann Fabrice Lamotte Li‐yun Liao Mireille Michel Marc‐Georges Nowicki Catherine Plant Carmen Requena Jenny Rodgers Karine Roumetz Adam Salisbury Fabio Sastre‐Alonso Dr Julia Schoeke Pierre Scordia Chizuko Seki‐Zdralka Cristina Testi Anne‐Sophie Vandamme Antonella Veccia Selina Zheng. 1.
Procedures for Registration explained and handouts given to all; we must emphasise that students need to register on Portico AND come to the Language Centre to register, once this is all done the module choice will be approved on Portico; 
It should not be necessary to give instructions on how to use Portico – all students use this system to register for all courses; 
Assessments must be thorough and realistic. Native speakers MUST NOT be permitted to take the highest level offered if they are too advanced for it (e.g. Arabic level C), they should opt for a different language; 
Coordinators should keep a general tally of numbers in preparation for the timetabling sessions; 
We should emphasise to students the importance of attending the timetabling session, even just for 10 minutes and also re‐assure that we can usually accommodate all into their course of choice; 
Arabic Coordinator queried progression: can a student who completed Level A last year, but has since taken a Summer Intensive course register for Level B, if they would prefer to do so rather than take Level C?; can a student who has taken Level A/B register for B/C?; Course Unit General Meeting 2009‐09‐18 – Minutes 1 For a student who has taken the 2 week Summer Intensive course decisions must be based on their assessment and not based on what the student prefers to do; A student who has completed Level A/B CANNOT register for Level B/C, they would be covering syllabus B again, which they already have credit for. 
UCL courses are considered "advanced" in terms of what skills they use, what academic work is carried out. Some students, by their final year need to have completed a certain number of advanced level courses – this doesn’t necessarily mean that level C is an advanced level course, although this is the classification that it has on Portico. 
Post‐graduate students cannot register for a Course Unit expect for a few exceptions (Bartlett students taking European Property and Development Planning course and students from the MA European History; 
Registration for Medics generally coincides with Course Units registration except for some early slots, for which one tutor for each language should be available to assess. However please be aware that some medics students may come outside of the hours specified by the Medical School; 
Medics students must state their 1st and 2nd choice, however only need to be assessed for the first nd
(2 choice is a reserve option); 
All material for registration will be distributed to the assessment rooms as necessary. 2.
Tutors distributed Registration material to all relevant UCL Departments Course Unit Administrator +44 (0)20 7679 5481 21 September 2009 Course Unit General Meeting 2009‐09‐18 – Minutes