Agenda FACULTY SENATE Meeting on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meeting on Wednesday, January 19, 2011
2:14-4:45 p.m., 300 SIS Building
1. Call to Order, Welcome, Roll Distributed , Leigh Riddick (5 minutes)
2. Chair’s Report, Leigh Riddick (15 minutes)
a. Senate calendar items for spring
b. Progress report: Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Rules & Regulations
c. Committee review
3. Budget Committee Report: Dan Mullins (30 minutes)
4. Faculty Manual, Lyn Stallings (remaining time less 5 minutes)
a. Discuss sections 18-19, comments received (HANDOUT)
b. Additional issues, if any
5. For the good of the order (5 minutes)
Jan 19 – Budget Committee Report /Faculty Manual Review
Jan 26 – Continued Faculty Manual review
(When Senate finishes review the following procedures remain to be finished)
a) Legal Review
b) Faculty Vote
c) Academic Committee BOT
d) Back to Senate
e) Board Vote (May)
Feb 2 – 1 Hour Student input, distribute undergraduate regulations, general Senate by laws
Feb 23 – 1 hour Student input, Review Undergraduate Regulations, Finish general Senate by laws, senior
administrative hires.
Mar 2 – Senior administrative hires, distribute graduate regulations
Mar 16 – Review graduate regulations
Apr 6 and Apr 13 – Finish graduate regulations