HLC Executive Committee 8-25-10 Meeting Summary

HLC Executive Committee Meeting
Meeting Summary
Members Present: Brian Niehoff, Steven Hawks, Lynn Carlin, Fred Burrack, Vicki Clegg,
Cheryl May, Daryl Buchholz, Kelli Cox, Jim Guikema, Jennifer Owensby, Fran Willbrant,
Laurel Littrell, Jackie Spears
1. Updates from each Subcommittee
a. Progress toward writing a draft
i. Criteria I: 3 of 5 components written
ii. Criteria II: collecting information and putting pieces together
iii. Criteria III: ½ sections completed, putting final pieces together
iv. Criteria IV: most written, Jim putting final pieces together
v. Criteria V: finalize after September 1, 2010
b. Problems encountered
c. Information needed still
Submit drafts by September 30, 2010!
2. Preparation for Retreat (See Fall 210 Retreat Agenda)
a. Subcommittee presentations – one format with all Criterion & components
Steve will create PowerPoint for each criterion and subcomponents
b. Audience involvement
i. Brainstorm a Theme for K-State (see table worksheet for retreat)
ii. Brainstorm accomplishments & challenges in each criterion area (see table
worksheet for retreat)
c. Dinner with John Taylor from HLC (April Mason, Ruth Dyer, Brian Niehoff,
Steven Hawks, Fred Burrack, Kelli Cox, Laurel Littrell, David Procter, Myra
3. Post-Draft Plans
a. Post draft on website (website remains on hold until web director hired and staff
assigned; should be up by end of fall semester)
b. Invite comments from public (present entire draft document to steering and
subcommittee members first. Then to a larger university community {including
alumni/foundation boards} before releasing it to faculty/staff/students/etc.)
c. Writer(s) to smooth out different writing styles (Sharon Morrow, Editor, VP
Communications and Marketing)
d. Graphic artist to help with planning final document (utilize Media Relations’
e. Celebration dinner (to be determined)
4. Goals for year:
a. Draft progress
b. Marketing & public awareness (Jeff Morris)
c. Updating information in drafts
d. Finalizing plan for document
5. Resource Room plan (group will be put together following HLC Retreat and discussion
with John Taylor regarding the need to move entirely electronic.)
6. Website update
7. Other business
a. Cheryl May asked all co-chairs to brainstorm ideas of pictures and/or video clips
to include in your chapter/section for the print and/or electronic version of the
self-study document.