Module Review 2016

Module Review
Key Aspects:
• Social turmoil/ change
• Prosperity/ progress
• ‘Lost generation’
• Independence
• Consumerism
• Isolationism
• Forward momentum vs stagnation/ decade of juxtaposition
• Progressivism/ women’s rights/ immigration/ opposition/ discord
• Debate over gap between understanding and reality
Key aspects:
• The 1929 Crash
• The causes of the Great
• Hoover’s response/ FDR’s Response
• The New Deal/ Second New Deal/ Three RRR’s/ Alphabet
• Success and failure – who thinks what and why
• Social impact/ short and long term consequences
Key Aspects:
• Pre-war politics
• Pearl Harbor (Dec. 1941)
• Economic/ Political/ Social impact
• Major battles
• European/ Pacific theatres
• Major players
• FDR/ Churchill/ Eisenhower/ Stalin etc.
• The Atomic Bomb
• Post-war implications
Key Aspects: Domestic politics
• McCarthyism
• Conservatism and conformity
• American exceptionalism/ consumerism/
• Jim Crow culture/ beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement
• Notions of family
• nuclear family units/ women’s roles/ teenagers/ baby boom
• Pop culture/ Beat Generation
Key Aspects: Foreign policy
• Containment and Liberation
• Long Telegram/ NSC-68
• Truman Doctrine/ Marshall Plan
• NATO/ United Nations/ Warsaw Pact
• The Korean War (1950-1953)
• Truman vs. Eisenhower
• Soviet Policies
• Relationship between foreign policy and domestic politics
Key Aspects: Domestic Politics
• John F. Kennedy vs Lyndon B. Johnson
• New Frontier/ Great Society/ Nixon’s Approach
• Student Movements
• Anti-War Movement/ Counterculture/ cultural impact/ Societal impact/
major players/ major movements/ success v. failure
• Civil Rights Movement
• Societal impact/ major players/ major movements/ success v. failure
• Women’s Rights Movement
• Societal impact/ major players/ major movements/ success v. failure
• Conservative Movement
Key Aspects: Foreign Policy
• Bay of Pigs (1961)/ Cuban
Missile Crisis (1962)
• Vietnam
Early years (Kennedy)
Escalation (LBJ)
‘Peace with Honor’ (Nixon)
Major offensives (Gulf of Tonkin/ Rolling Thunder/ Tet-Offensive/ My Lai/
Christmas Bombings etc.)
• Battle techniques/ success v failure/ home front impact
• Kennedy/ Johnson/ Nixon approaches to Communism/ Soviet
Key Aspects
• Growth of Conservatism
• Liberalism vs. Conservatism
• Watergate Scandal
• Implications of the scandal
• Domestic Policies
• Economy/ social programs/ Great Society Programs/ relationship with
Democratic Congress/ progress of rights movements
• Foreign Policy
• Nixon Doctrine/ Realpolitik/ Détente/ China/ SALT/ Kissinger/ Middle East
• Nixon’s agenda/ Presidency/ approach/ public image/ personality