Interventions with groups of bereaved pupils  Educational and Child Psychology  Authors:

Interventions with groups of bereaved pupils Educational and Child Psychology Volume 21, Issue 3, 2004, Pages 95‐108 Authors: Denise Ross and Ben Hayes Abstract It is well established that loss through death can impact upon children’s psychological wellbeing affecting self‐esteem, confidence, learning, social and emotional development. This article describes the techniques used in two interventions, one delivered by the first author in a primary school and a second delivered by both authors in a secondary school. The rationale for the specific techniques used in the interventions is given in terms of theoretical principles and practical guidelines for those directly supporting people following bereavement. Some outcome indicators are reported. The conclusions drawn from this small scale study, using 14 case studies (7 primary‐school children and 7 secondary‐school aged children) indicate that this sensitive area of work can lead to significant benefits for children, young people, their families and schools. It is suggested in the conclusion that applying the principles of support in the school community has particular benefits for continuity of support, and staff confidence and skills.