Adlai Jacob Gordon

Adlai Jacob Gordon
1082 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
(603) 545-5664
Boston University
B.S., Computer Science
• GPA: 3.6/4.0; Dean’s List
• National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Algebraic Algorithms
Python, Set & Number Theories
• Implemented RSA
Encryption and Decryption
• Built fast-running highaccuracy prime number test
for very large integers
Software Systems
C and Unix programming
• Built a shell with I/O redirection, piping,
command history, and process backgrounding
• Recursive file searcher and pattern matcher
• Implemented multithreaded webserver with
query string parsing and formatted directories
Algorithms & Data Structures
Java, Trees, Queues, Hashes…
• Built Player vs. Computer
A.I. Connect 4 game
Concepts of Programming Languages
Python, Haskell
• Implemented parsers, interpreters, and compilers
for various language types
Boston, Massachusetts
Expected 2016
Philips Medical Systems
Andover, Massachusetts
Automation Engineering Intern
Summer 2014
C#, Visual Studio, PowerShell Scripting
• Developed signal simulation software to test patient monitoring software ICCA
(IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia)
Duster, The Facebook Defriender1
Co-Founder, Back End Developer, Front End Designer
JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Facebook API, MongoDB
• 1st Place web app at MakeBU Hackathon 2014
• Featured on Yahoo! Tech2 and Huffington Post3
• 38,000+ visitors in four days before shut down by Facebook
Boston, Massachusetts
Spring 2014
Dyn, Inc
Manchester, New Hampshire
Front End Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2013
JavaScript, Mason/Perl, CSS
• Debugged and helped update DynECT (web portal for enterprise clients)
• Set up and customized multi-browser regression testing software
Department of Computer Science – Boston University
Fall 2013 to Present
Teaching Assistant, Intro to Computer Science
• Hold evening office hours ! Host weekly lab ! Grade problem sets
Boston University Outing Club
Executive Board, Trip Leader
Fall 2013 to Present