What are the benefits of providing just in time training?

What are the benefits of providing just in time training?
You have been asked to develop a training program. What steps will you
take in developing the training program?
What are the elements of a successful training program?
What topics would you include in a supervisory development training
What items of information should be included in the orientation training
for new employees?
What is "distance learning"?
What role can "distance learning" play in the development of our
Working Effectively With Others
Tell us about your inter-personal skills.
What experience have you had working with external agencies?
How do you deal with conflict?
Tell us about a situation in which you were required to work with people
at various levels within your organization?
What was the most important step that you took to work effectively with
these people?
To what extent have your assignments required interface with other
Tell us about an incident in which you dealt with an irate customer, which
would demonstrate your ability to work effectively with others?
In what kinds of situations do you find it most difficult to deal with people?
Describe to us the extent to which you have worked with executive or top
What has been your experience in working with community organizations?
Tell us about your experience in working with volunteers.
To what extent have you worked in an ethnically, socio-economically,
and/or culturally diverse community?
Tell us about your experience in dealing with a variety of different people.
How do you handle difficult people?
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