3rd Construction Meeting Boston English High School

3rd Construction Meeting
May 7th, 2015
Boston English High School
144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain
• Work Since Last
• Preview of Next 90
• Stage 1 Construction
• Closure of the
• Public outreach
• Question and Answer
Work Since Last Meeting
Construction of Temporary Roadways
Looking west across the future site of the
temporary lanes at the westbound Arborway
Placing guide lines for future pavement
markings along the temporary roadway
Temporary Signals
Traffic Signals Interconnected with Boston Transportation Dept. (BTD) Tech Center
Rodent Control
Rodent control device at the
South West Corridor Park
Rodent control device under the
Casey Overpass
Temporary Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths
Temporary connections for the
Southwest Corridor Path
A cyclist travels over the temporary
South West Corridor connection
Removal of the Western Abutment - I
Truck removing material from the
Western Abutment
Machinery at the Western Abutment
Removal of the Western Abutment - II
Machinery at the Western Abutment
Looking east over the Western
Abutment site
Next 90 Days
Next 90 Days Overview
• Permanent Overpass closure:
• Westbound (towards Jamaica Pond) – May 9th
• Full closure – May 16th
• Demolition of Overpass
• Building temporary Route 39 bus berth
90 Day Look Ahead
Next 90 Days Working Conditions
Mon-Fri: 7:00AM – 7:30PM
Sat: 7:00AM – 3:30PM
Most Overpass demolition by day
Overpass above road cannot be demolished
with traffic below
• Demolition options:
• Nighttime work with closure of impacted roadway
• Weekend work with closure of impacted roadway
• Night work will noticed two weeks in advance
Stage 1 - Construction
Key Characteristics of Stage 1
• Approximately 7-8 months
• Overpass:
• Permanently closed on May 16th
• In demolition
• Traffic on temporary surface roads
• 39 Bus to temporary busway
• Bus operations monitored by MBTA
Project Orientation
-The monument
-Hyde Park
-Jamaica Pond
-Franklin Park
Stage 1 Construction Preview - Diagram
Stage 1 Traffic Patterns
Monitoring Traffic Conditions
• Following the Overpass’ full closure:
• Project team and BTD monitor signal
• Signal timing adjusted if needed
Pedestrian Movements
Bicycle Movements
Vehicle Movements
Public Outreach
Upcoming Public Involvement
• Office hours
• Curtis Hall – 5:30-7:30PM
• Tuesday, May 19th
• Tuesday, June 23rd
• Continued 3-week look ahead
• Project Hot-Line: (617) 571-7878
Question & Answer
To learn more about the project, ask a question or express a concern,
please contact:
James Kersten, Legislative Affairs (857) 368-9041
Project Hot-Line: (617) 571-7878
To sign-up for the stakeholder database, please contact:
Project website: