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June 10, 2013
College Strategic Plan Update
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College Strategic Planning
The "College Strategic Plan (CSP)", is a short term, 3-year planning document, and is distinct from the
longer-term Educational Master Plan. Work on the new Educational Master Plan was completed in early
2013, projecting future needs of educational programs, support services, and facilities through the year 2025.
Three-year institutional goals were established at college-wide meetings conducted in March 2012.
Institutional goals for the 2012-2015 College Strategic Plan were narrowed to just two: Student Success
and Institutional Effectiveness. Goal Area Implementation Teams (GAITs) were formed for each goal
and the teams determined a short list of specific objectives under each high-level goal. An update was
prepared and presented to the Governing Board on June 11, 2012.
The GAIT teams re-convened during the spring 2013 semester to identify specific strategies for
accomplishing the respective objectives. By this time, the process was informed by two developments.
First, during the intervening period, the Accreditation Self-Study teams had completed their evaluation of
the institution from the point of view of the Accreditation Standards. CSP strategy development was able
to benefit from the work of the Self-Study teams, and several CSP strategies surfaced from the
Accreditation Self-Study. Second, strategy development took place with a clearer understanding of the
direction of the Student Success Act (though details are still evolving), and thus the strategies are aligned
with the Student Success Task Force Recommendations.
As strategies were developed, the GAIT teams realized that there was some overlap between the two highlevel goals, and this led to changes in the organization and wording of some of the objectives. In the end,
three strategies are shared between Goal A and Goal B. The objectives are:
Goal A - Student Success
● A1: Implement the Student Success Initiative.
● A2: Align pathways from K-12 through Cabrillo and into careers and/or Baccalaureategranting institutions.
● A3: Engage students in timely interventions whereby they are encouraged to exercise
greater responsibility for their educational success.
Administrator Initiating Item:
John Hendrickson
Rick Fillman
Academic and Professional Matter
If yes, Faculty Senate Agreement
Senate President Signature
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Final Disposition
Goal B - Enhance Institutional Effectiveness
● B1: Enhance performance by implementing best practices in training and professional
development for Cabrillo employees.
● B2: Shorten the time to completion through effective implementation of enrollment
management strategies.
● B3: Optimize sustainable use of college facilities for students, faculty, staff & community.
● B4: Cultivate and sustain close connections with the local community.
● B5: Evaluate, integrate, and improve planning, resource allocation and other processes
critical to institutional effectiveness.
Specific strategies, with status updates for each are presented on the following page:
2013 Strategic Plan Update - Objectives, Strategies, and updates.
Cabinet will periodically review the progress for each of the strategies, with a formal report delivered in
summer or fall, 2014.
Institutional effectiveness can be monitored by observing a variety of student performance measures. While
course success is fundamental, student success is a broader topic, best measured longitudinally across time. It
is recognized that not all student successes are captured by data measures.
Here, indicators are organized in three groups. First, various ongoing local measures of student success,
(primarily from the College Fact Book) are listed. Each looks into a slice of the curriculum, providing
perspective. Next, institutional goals developed for ACCJC (accreditation) annual review are presented.
Finally, external accountability measures, from Community College Chancellor's Office Scorecard and Data
Mart are included.
Student Success Indicators
Student Success indicators are detailed on the on the following page: