February 6, 2012 Fact Book Update and Q & A







February 6, 2012


Fact Book Update and Q & A ENCLOSURE(S)



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The Cabrillo College Fact Book 2011 is a valuable source of information about the past, present and future of student enrollment, student success, student placement, demographics, budget and more. In addition to information about the organization of the college, the Fact Book 2011 contains approximately 60 studies, touching on many different aspects of college administration and student success. Each page is carefully compiled by the staff in the Planning and Research Office (PRO).

The information in the Fact Book 2011 is used by Board members, faculty, staff, students, community members, grant writers, and administrators for planning, enrollment management, grant development, program planning, outreach, and marketing. As a whole, the Fact Book 2011 creates a profile of the college that is part of our public presence.

The Fact Book 2011 is published to the internet at: http://pro.cabrillo.edu/pro/factbook/index.html

We continue to make improvements and enhancements to the fact book each and every year. This year, the 15 th version of the fact book saw two significant changes:

1. We changed from reporting student transfer based on data from the California Postsecondary

Education Committee (CPEC) to reporting based on student tracker matches via the National

Student Clearinghouse. Transfers to out-of-state and in-state-private schools are now reported.

2. PRO staff rebuilt and updated the financial aid table in the Research Data Warehouse in 2011.

This allowed for a new look at how we present Financial Aid information in the Fact Book 2011.

Financial Aid pages were revamped visually and substantively, providing more detailed information and more trend information.

The Fact Book 2011 would not have been possible without the assistance of staff from across the campus who provided information for many of the reports. The PRO staff would like to extend our most sincere thanks for the assistance with this important effort.

This information item is in response to a Board request for further opportunity to discuss the Fact

Book 2011 as presented originally in December 2011.

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Selected Highlights from Fact Book 2011

 Enrollment projections show that fall headcount is expected to drop again in Fall 2012 by

2% to 3% and then remain fairly stable for the next several years.

 White students will no longer be the majority ethnic group at Cabrillo College in 2017 (49%

White and 36% Latino).

 Full time students have increased from 26% of the student body in Fall 2007 to 32% of the student body in Fall 2010/Spring 2011.

 Since 2007, the population participation rate (PPR) has increased for 18 – 30 year olds while it has declined for those 31 years of age or older.

 Two thirds of students received some form of financial aid in 2009-2010 vs. half of all students in 2007-2008 (a 27% increase).

 Cabrillo students received a total of $20 million in financial aid in 2009-2010 vs. $12 million in 2007-2008 (a 67% increase).

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