Minutes, September 19, 2013, Teaching & Learning Center
Attendees: Francine Van Meter (Chair), Ian Haslam, Loree McCawley, Sandi Moore, Sylvia
Winder Absent: Jill Gallo, John Govsky, Marcy Alancraig, Patrick Meyer, Sesario Escoto, Sue
Welcome and Staff Development Overview
Introduction to Staff Development slide series.
Fall Flex Week Review
Members received copies of the Fall 2013 Event Summary, collected from workshop
evaluation forms and attendance sheets, a summary of feedback from the online survey
sent via email at the end of Flex Week, and year-to-year attendance comparisons. Loree
suggested we bring the data back to the second meeting when planning for Spring ’14 Flex
Week. There was some discussion about the large number of activities. Fall Flex Week is
typically the time when campus-wide initiatives are addressed (Student Success, Planning
and Research, Accreditation, Safety), there are three faculty orientations (FT, adjunct, and
Watsonville Ctr), SLO assessment is done in conjunction with Program Planning, and student
support services (classroom management, veterans, students with disabilities).
Staff Development Planning
The committee will need to reevaluate its workload if state funding for Staff Development
returns. What will Staff Development look like? Will conference and travel funding resume?
Will guest speaker stipends be funded? The Staff Development Program Plan administrative
outcomes will help steer future plans.
Spring Flex Week Planning
Ian discussed performance-based assessment and related strategies for faculty professional
development. He suggested a program whereby faculty would observe other faculty
teaching at various points throughout the semester to learn from them. Faculty would be
“selected” for classroom observation based on recommendations from their Program Chair
and/or students. Francine suggested Faculty Senate be part of any discussion related to
faculty evaluation. There are many opportunities provided during Flex Week for learning
innovative instructional strategies, such as Accelerated Teaching Techniques, taught by Joe
Loree spoke to the value of attend the Classroom Management flex event and how she
learned about issues related to disruptive student behavior in the classroom. What happens
in the classroom often spills over into HR and Student Services.
Budget and funding requests
The Staff Development budget has a little over $9,000 left from one-time carry over funds.
The Chancellor’s Office has yet to release on-going Staff Development money. Sesario
9/23/2013C:\Users\frvanmet\Documents\Staff Devel - TLC\Administrative\Minutes\SD Minutes 9-19-13.doc
Teaching & Learning Center
Escoto requested $1,500 for three faculty and one administrator to attend a conference in
Florida; the National Association of Behavior Intervention Teams. In lieu of the money
anticipated from the Chancellor’s Office, the Committee agreed to fund Sesario’s request at
$1,000 from the one-time funds. Only two people will be funded at $500 each. This is in line
with previous practice for funding approved proposals for conference attendance. The
committee Sesario what other funding sources would be used, and would like Sesario to
coordinate a flex activity on the topic for Spring 2014 Flex Week.
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Fall 2013 meeting dates (in room 1096)
Thursday, September 19, 3:30–5pm
Monday, November 4, Deadline for Spring 2014 Flex Proposals
Thursday, October 24, 3:30–5pm
Thursday, November 21, 3:30–5pm
Flex calendar approved at this meeting.