Minutes, April 17, 2014, Teaching & Learning Center
Attendees: Francine Van Meter (Chair), Marcy Alancraig, Vicki Fabbri, Patrick Meyer,
Michael Mangin, Ian Haslam Absent: Jill Gallo
Review and Approve Proposals for Flex Week
The Committee suggested a number of schedule changes. Last October (meeting minutes),
we reviewed selection criteria that was first approved in 2010. Below includes a list of
questions to consider when approving proposals just in case members are asked about it.
Is it an acceptable activity for professional development? Does it meet state criteria?
Does the activity reflect the flex week theme?
Does the workshop address emerging needs?
Is the proposal addressing a selective audience, or does it have broad appeal?
Will there be minimal competition with other activities in same time slot?
Is the workshop a repeat of a recent flex event? What is its attendance history?
Is the presenter listed as a presenter in more than one workshop proposal? If so, is it a
performance of their regular duties? (e.g. SLO Coordinator, TLC Director,
Admin/Mgr, etc.)
Is training required? (e.g. diversity, sexual harassment, safety)
Is the training institution-driven? (SLOs, Student Success, Basic Skills)
At our first meeting in the fall, we can further define the criteria and include it in the call for
Professional Development Update:
Laurel, Vicki Fabbri, and Michael Mangin are working hard to give shape to this new
initiative and generate support. Francine will join them for conversations about what our
committee can do to support this more inclusive (and effective) approach to professional
development. Stay a Staff Development Committee member, your feedback is
The good news...Rachel Mayo will be the new Vice President appointee on the Staff
Development Committee as per CCFT Article Welcome, Rachel!
Staff Development Resources > select Committee Minutes and Agenda
Fall 2014 Flex Week, August 25–29, 2014
All College Day will be on MONDAY
Call for proposals begins Monday, March 24, 2014
Deadline for Flex Proposals – Monday, April 21, 2014
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