September 18, 2014, Room 1096, Teaching & Learning Center
Members Present: Francine Van Meter (Chair), Rachel Mayo, Ian Haslam, John Govsky,
Marcy Alancraig, Sandi Moore, Patrick Meyer, Michael Mangin, Sue Slater, Vicki Fabbri,
Laurel Jones Absent: Jill Gallo
Fall 2014 Flex Week Review
Good return on evaluation forms through the mobile app. Committee members reviewed
comments, which included what participants liked best and what they would like to see in
future flex weeks. Total guide view sessions = 2,786, Mobile app downloads = 119
Professional Engagement and Transformational Learning (Laurel)
Professional development “champions” will be putting together a recommendation this
semester to go to CPC on focused themes for professional development. This group met last
week. An umbrella committee will be formed in spring which will plan for events year by
year, and will be scheduled ahead so employees can calendar in advance.
Classified staff may opt to receive credit on the salary scale for participation, and faculty
can receive flex credit. There will also be an administrator professional development
component. The larger umbrella committee will be dialoging with constituent groups
throughout this process of envisioning a new model for professional development.
Laurel explained there is ongoing discussion about the role of the Staff Development
Committee, and how it will operate once the other committee is up and running in the spring.
Options may include a re-design of flex days, shifting flex planning to a sub-group of the
larger faculty group, or a combination of strategies that best promotes on-going professional
development opportunities for all faculty and staff. This is an exciting time to be thinking
“outside the box” about how we as employees feel about expanding our knowledge and
expertise through professional development.
Spring 2015 Flex Week Planning
The Committee decided on the following focus area in keeping with the Cabrillo Connects
theme: Cabrillo Connects: Safe, Healthy, and Thriving
An all college event will host Professor Lucinda Roy, Virginia Tech University, Creating a
Safe Learning Environment — on Friday, January 23, 2015 Dr. Roy wrote the book, What
We’ve Learned from the Tragedy at Virginia Tech. The presentation will be on campus safety
and violence prevention.
Francine will work with Patrick Meyer and Ann Smeltzer about format of ACD for
spring. The Committee requests we only schedule a ½ day, and release classified staff for
Friday morning to attend the presentation. Division/Department Day, Thursday, January 22?
5 Flex Days in January — Fri, 16th, Tues, 20th and Wed 21st . The theme: Cabrillo Connects:
Safe, Healthy, and Thriving, asks the question, what makes for a healthy college, a healthy
learning community? What makes students thrive in a learning environment?
Teaching & Learning Center
Checklist for proposals:
 How does your proposal meet the theme?
 Identify which part of the strategic plan your proposal addresses (provide link to
 Include instructions to schedule business related activities, SLOs, program
planning etc. on Friday, 1/16* or Thursday afternoon, 1/22 (Another “get ur done
day”) *Friday is our 5th day for flex week, faculty can also meet their flex obligation
hours the following week, anytime Tues-Friday.
Staff Development Resources > select Committee Minutes and Agenda
Fall 2014 meeting dates (room 1096)
Thursday, 9/18, 3:30-5pm
Thursday, 10/23, 3:30-5pm (Monday, November 4, Deadline for Spring 2014 Flex
Thursday, 11/20, 3:30-5pm (Flex calendar approved at this meeting.)