Committee Name: Student Equity & Success

Committee Name: Student Equity & Success
Date: Monday, March 16, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Facilitators/Location/Chair: Dennis Bailey-Fougnier/SAC 202
Dennis Bailey-Fougnier, Antonio Alarcon, Jennifer Cass, Joseph Carter, Lori Chavez, Christina Che, Ally
Colwell, Natalia Cordoba-Velasquez, Olga Diaz, Michelle Donohue, Ricardo Espinoza, Terri Evans,
Wanda Garner, Alta Northcutt, Nancy Phillips, Margery Regalado Rodriguez, Barbara Schultz-Perez,
Martin Vargas Vega, Jim Weckler
Josh Sylvia, Pantea Karimi, Sara Decelle, Michael Mangin, Eric Grabiel, Diego Navarro, Terrence Willet,
Skye Gentile
(in bold)
Agenda Items:
Report from Academic
Senate’s Student
Equity Conference
Topic Lead
Chancellor’s Office will have a group of 15-20 people reading all Student Equity
Plans and providing feedback whether the plan is on target or not. Plan
suggestion: do things well, don’t try to do too much.
The template will be revised by next September; next plans (updates) are due
in December.
The legislature is requesting progress – wants indicators measured.
Joseph stated equity equals leverage as someday the funding will run out; we
should start conversations and actions to permeate functions. He asked the
group to state which committees they serve on, which demonstrated how
members of the Student Equity committee are connected with the rest of the
• 2015 Academic Academy
Conference Resources
• SEP Committee/our
• Ideas to poach
College Master Plan
Program Reviews
Student Equity
Other points:
• Other colleges also felt the rush of getting the plan written.
• Fold Student Equity with Student Success.
• What is our mission?
• Common language, common issues.
• Identify what is working, what is not working.
• Student Equity/SSSP/Leading from the Middle.
• Critical to have student voice.
• Six factors from RP group with things we can all do.
• Outreach focus groups with students.
• Go big or go home – but little things matter, too.
• Integrate college plans.
Research group report
Funding form
Planning for 2015-16
and beyond
• Directive versus elective membership on committees.
• Get focused, stay focused: 10-year ed plan.
• Meet weekly – at least subgroups.
• More direction needed for spending.
• How to communicate with students.
• We are all access points of the college.
• Exit surveys, part of drop process – why is student dropping?
• Convocation for new students premiers in August 2016.
• What happens to unexpended funds?
RP group proposal was approved unanimously. The proposal includes half-day
sessions for staff, students, faculty. Activities will be completed by July. Six
(possibly eight) focus groups will be defined from the plan.
New electronic form online will be revised to allow for more detail. (Natalia)
Meeting Summary or Take Away:
1. Next meeting: Monday, April 13 from 2:00-4:00 in SAC West 202.