Minutes of the Graduate Council September 3, 2002

Minutes of the Graduate Council
September 3, 2002
As approved by the Graduate Council, October 1, 2002
Members present: A. Barkley, L. Bergen, T. Bolton, A. Brightman, K. Brooks, K. Carpenter, M.
Collinson, G. Eiselein, J. Fliter, L. Glasgow, W.R. Goe, M. Hossain, V. Houser, G. Kluitenberg,
G. Marchin, D. McGrath, G. Ramaswamy, D. Sachs, J. Stevenson, R. Trewyn, Y. Wang, M.
White, D. Wright Carroll, C. Wyatt
Members absent: G. Bailey, R. Burckel, P. Burden, D. Fisher, S. Fisher, M. Kren, T. Musch, K.
Tilley, D. Troyer
Graduate School staff present: J. Guikema, C. Shanklin, B. McGaughey, D. Woydziak
The meeting was called to order by Dean R.W. Trewyn at 3:40 p.m. in Room 213, Student
1. Opening Remarks.
Dean Trewyn welcomed the 2002-03 Council (GC) members and had them introduce
Research funding came to $90.3 million in external awards for fiscal year 2002. An
increase from $83.7 million recorded for the previous fiscal year. The total number of
awards was less. This is an encouraging trend, but may be difficult to continue with the
economic restrictions on filling faculty positions on campus and requiring faculty to
increase their work load.
2. Minutes. The minutes of the May 7 meeting were approved as presented.
3. Graduate School Actions and Announcements
a. Appointments for Graduate Faculty Membership
Mahbub ul Alam
Vicky Borchers
David A. Brown
Robert A. Bullock
Chandima Cumaranatunge
James H. Dubois
Thomas Gould
Allan J. Hastings
Gary Haycock
Neal C. Hubbell
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture
Foundations and Adult Education
Interior Architecture
Journalism & Mass Communications
Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture
Soo Cheong "Shawn" Jang
Sandra K. Johnson
Gerad Middendorf
Stephen M. Murphy
Charles W. Sanders, Jr.
Rodney J. Troyer
Barbara A. Valent
Weiqun (George) Wang
John Williams
Hotel, Restaurant, Inst Management and Dietetics
Animal Sciences & Industry
Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Interior Architecture
Interior Architecture
Plant Pathology
Human Nutrition
Hotel, Restaurant, Inst Management and Dietetics
b. Non-Graduate Faculty to teach Graduate Courses (Emergency Approval)
Charlie L. Nutt
Adrienne Leslie-Toogood
Counseling & Ed Psych
Counseling & Ed Psych
Carmel Parker White
Family Studies & Human Serv.
FSHS 893
4. Academic Affairs Committee
The committee has not met this year.
5. Graduate Student Affairs Committee
The committee has not met this year.
6. Graduate School Committee on Planning
The committee has not met this year.
7. Graduate Student Council Information
Dean Shanklin, advisor to GSC, announced on behalf of Sara Fisher, GSC president, that
the first Graduate Student Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 9th, at
3:30 p.m. in the Union. All departments are encouraged to send representatives. GSC will
be hosting their annual Ice Cream Social, Thursday, September 12, 2002. Graduate
Council members and all graduate students are welcome to attend. GSC has a new home
in 102 Fairchild. They were given funds for a computer and accessories to assist them
with carrying out daily business and to assist them in keeping in touch with graduate
students on campus.
8. University Research and Scholarship
9. Other business
Next meeting will be in held in Union 212.
Agenda addendum 4 addressed the GRE breach in security and how to properly use this
test to evaluate graduate students for admission. This prompted a discussion on the need
for requiring the GRE with graduate student applications. Currently the GRE is not
required by the Graduate School and the decision is left to the departments weather they
feel the GRE should be required for admission to their program. Dean Shanklin
announced that October will mark the beginning of the written analytical section.
Formerly, this section was a multiple choice. More information can be found on the web
at www.gre.com
The graduate student application fee is an issue that may come into consideration this
year. Our current policy requires only international applicants to pay a $25 application,
differing from many other universities who also require a domestic graduate student
application fee. Increase cost in the future may force this issue to action. INS has
mandated a Student and Visitor Exchange Information System be implemented
nationally. Software alone will cost KSU $25,000 to $30,000 with a 10% yearly
maintenance expense to meet this new requirement for international students and visitors.
Increasing and/or imposing a graduate student application fee brings forth concerns
regarding a possible decrease in applications and recruiting challenges.
The issue of graduate student stipends was also mention. Currently, the out dated stipend
minimum for GTAs is $3,000 per semester and $3,500 per semester for GRAs. This
provides a recruiting challenge for departments on campus.
Council was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.