UCL STEaPP summer Visiting Fellowship 2015

UCL STEaPP summer Visiting Fellowship 2015
UCL’s new department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public
Policy (UCL STEaPP) welcomes expressions of interest for its 2015 Summer
Visiting Fellowship, with a particular focus on science diplomacy.
The Fellow will be visiting UCL STEaPP for the months of June and July 2015
to conduct research related to the role of science and scientific information in
diplomacy and global governance, collaborating with UCL STEaPP senior
faculty and researchers. The Fellowship covers accommodation and travel
costs for a two-month residential period for up to £4,500 (£2,250 per month)
and comes with visiting status at UCL STEaPP, university access and office
space, as well as the chance to engage with UCL STEaPP’s burgeoning
programme of policy-relevant research. The Fellow is expected to produce a
case study paper within the period of the fellowship, engage the broader UCL
STEaPP research community and the specific Science Diplomacy research
programme, as well as to take part in an international workshop on the theme
and deliver a seminar on her/his core area of research.
The Fellowship is part of UCL STEaPP new research programme on “Science
Diplomacy” focused on understanding the structures and geopolitics of
science and diplomacy interface in the wake of today’s major challenges. In
particular, the programme has currently developed a specific focus on the role
of scientific evidence, communication and actors within the diplomacy of
international, regional and multilateral organisations, offering a chance to
reflect on how the science-policy interface shapes the response of major
world politics actors to some of the most pressing policy problems in the
international arena. The programme aims to unpack “science diplomacy in
action” in critical global policy areas (and their overlap/difference) like the
cyber domain, humanitarian crises, climate change, global health or
international trade. The Fellow will be expected to develop a case study of
direct relevance to this programme of research.
UCL STEaPP would like to encourage particularly early career researchers
and faculty members to apply.
The programme is currently developed by Professor Yacob Mulugetta, Dr
Michele Acuto, Dr Jason Blackstock and Dr David Hornsby, and it involves
direct collaboration with UCL’s department of Geography as well as the UCL
Global Governance Institute in the School of Public Policy.
University College London
Boston House, 2 Floor, 36-38 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6EY
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 9000 [email protected] www.ucl.ac.uk/steapp
Find out more about STEaPP research on the departmental website
Application instructions
Expression of interest for the fellowship should be submitted to Susanne
Namer ([email protected]) by 5pm on May 11th. The should include:
• a CV complete of academic record, publications and current
• a brief (2-page) expression of interest letter including: motivation to
apply, fit within STEaPP’s research portfolio and specific “science
diplomacy” program, and proposal for a case study to be developed
within the tenure of the Fellowship
• a sample of academic writing (ideally a published journal article or
Further information on the fellowship can be requested to UCL STEaPP’s
director of research, Dr Michele Acuto ([email protected]).
University College London
Boston House, 2 Floor, 36-38 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6EY
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 9000 [email protected] www.ucl.ac.uk/steapp