CWEE | FALL 2016
Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) provides students with college
credit for on-the-job experience that meets the learning objectives developed with
a Cabrillo faculty member and a job supervisor. One unit of credit is earned for 60
hours of unpaid work experience or 75 hours of paid work experience. Students
may take up to four credit units of work experience in any given semester.
Students must attend CWEE orientation in order to enroll for a CWEE course. A
CWEE orientation schedule and much more information regarding work experience
and internships can be found online at
Matthew Weis
Internship and Work Experience Coordinator
[email protected]
General Work Experience Education - CWEE99G
For students who wish to enroll in work experience not aligned with a specific
program degree or certificate. General Work Experience units are transferrable.
Occupational Work Experience
For students who wish to enroll for work experience aligned with a specific program
degree or certificate. College programs that offer Occupational Work Experience as
an elective or requirement include:
Horticulture (HORT), Construction Energy Management (CEM), Computer and
Information Systems (CIS), Engineering Technology (ETECH), Engineering (ENGR),
Welding (W), Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management (CAHM), Early Childhood
Education (ECE), Education (EDUC), Medical Assisting (MA), Human Services
(HSERV), Radiologic Technology (RT), Nursing (N), Dental Hygiene (DH), Digital
Media (DM), Music (MUS), Journalism (JOURN), Computer Applications/Business
Applications (CABT), Accounting (ACCT), Business (BUS).
Indicates open entry classes - open through the 12th week of instruction.
Indicates writing factor classes.
Indicates Honors classes. Indicates multicultural classes.
Indicates some sections are taught in a distance education format. Information about all textbooks can be found on
classes. Indicates health and wellness