Document 12964009

August 1, 2013
Executive Director
Kansas Campus Compact
103 Leadership Studies Bldg.
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
Dear Mr. Mosier:
I write to express my interest in becoming a member of Kansas Campus Compact and to indicate
my commitment to providing assistance in the development of the organization. (Institution) has a
long history of encouraging civic responsibility in its student body and encouraging students to
express those values through community service. As a participating president, I will encourage
the faculty, staff, and students of my institution to initiate and to participate in programs and
projects that foster public and community service. In my opinion, the Kansas Campus Compact
will provide excellent opportunities for participating institutions and for the state as a whole.
I look forward to becoming part of the state and national effort to articulate the importance of
civic responsibility as an outcome of higher education.
John C. Service