RSSS Written Hazard Communication Program

RSSS Written Hazard Communication Program
1. General Information:
In order to comply with the Hazard Communication Standard, the following Written
Hazard Communication Program has been established for the Rowan-Salisbury School
System. All work units of the Rowan-Salisbury School System are included in this
program. The written program will be available in the Safety Data Sheet Book that will
be located at the School/Facility Office or Custodial Supply Warehouse for review by
any interested employee, representative of the Department of Labor, OSHA, etc. Sharon
Gardner and Phil Dobbins will review the Written Hazard Communication Program
annually and revise as needed.
2. Container Labeling:
Sharon Gardner, Phil Dobbins, Head Custodians, Principals/Facility Directors, Science
Department Heads, and School Chemical Hygiene Officers will verify that all containers
received for use will:
• Be clearly labeled as to the contents.
• Note the appropriate hazard warning.
• List the name and address of the manufacturer.
The Principal/Facility Director, Head Custodian, Science Department Head, and School
Chemical Hygiene Officer in each section will ensure that all secondary containers are
labeled with either an extra copy of the original manufacturer’s label or with the generic
labels which have a block for identity and a block for the hazard warning.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS):
Sharon Gardner, Phil Dobbins, Head Custodians, Principals/Facility Directors, Science
Department Heads and School Chemical Hygiene Officers will be responsible for
obtaining and maintaining the data sheets for their area/facility. They will review
incoming data sheets for new and significant health/safety information. They will ensure
that any new information is passed on to the affected employees. (If alternatives to actual
data sheets are used, provide a description of the system.) Copies of SDSs for all
hazardous chemicals to which employees of the Rowan-Salisbury School System may be
exposed at that site will be kept in the School/Facility Office, Science Department,
Custodial Supply Room, Maintenance Shop Office or Bus Garage Office. SDSs will be
available to all employees in their work area for review during each work shift. If MSDSs
are not available or new chemicals in use do not have SDSs, immediately contact Sharon
Gardner (704.630.6086) or Phil Dobbins (704.639.7098).
Employee Training and Information:
Sharon Gardner and Phil Dobbins are responsible for the employee training program.
They will ensure that all elements specified below are carried out. Prior to the start of
work, each new employee of the Rowan-Salisbury School System will attend a required
health and safety orientation and will receive information and training on the following:
• An overview of the requirements contained in the Hazard Communication
• Chemicals present in workplace operations.
• Location and availability of the RSSS Written Hazard Program.
• Physical and health effects of hazardous chemicals.
Method and observation techniques used to determine the presence or release of
hazardous chemicals in the work area.
• How to lessen or prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals through usage of
control/work practices and personal protective equipment.
• Emergency procedures to follow if he/she is exposed to hazardous chemicals.
• How to read labels and review SDSs to obtain appropriate hazard information.
• Location of SDS file and hazardous chemical list.
After attending the training class, each employee will sign a form to verify that he/she
attended the training, received written materials, and understood the RSSS Written
Hazard Communication Program. Prior to a new chemical hazard being introduced into
any section of this school system, each employee of that section will be given
information outlined above. Sharon Gardner, Phil Dobbins, Principals/Facility Directors,
Science Department Heads, and School Chemical Hygiene Officers are responsible for
ensuring that SDSs on the new chemical(s) is available for the specified area.
5. List of Hazardous Chemicals:
The following is a list of all hazardous chemicals used by employees of Rowan-Salisbury
School System. Further information on each noted chemical can be obtained by
reviewing SDSs located in the Custodial Warehouse, Facility Office, Science
Department, Maintenance Department or Bus Garage.
*The table of contents is being considered your Hazardous Chemical List.
Rowan-Salisbury Schools System considers all chemicals to be hazardous.
6. Hazardous Non-Routine Tasks:
Periodically, employees are required to perform hazardous non-routine tasks. Prior to
starting work on such projects, each affected employee will be given information by
his/her section supervisor about hazardous chemicals to which he/she may be exposed
during such activity. This information will include:
• Specific chemical hazards.
• Protective/safety measures employees can take.
• Measures the Rowan-Salisbury School System have taken to lessen the hazards
including ventilation, respirators, presence of another employee and emergency
Examples of non-routine tasks performed by the employees of Rowan-Salisbury Schools:
Extermination of Pests
Hazardous Chemicals
Informing Contractors
It is the responsibility of the Rowan-Salisbury School System, Principals/Facility
Directors, Head Custodians and the Maintenance Department to provide the contractor
and his/her employees, the following information:
List of hazardous chemicals to which he/she may be exposed while on the job site.
Precautions the employee may take to lessen the possibility of exposure by usage of
appropriated protective measures. The Principal/Facility Director and Head Custodian
will be responsible for contacting each contractor before work is started at any school
facility to gather and disseminate any information concerning chemical hazards that the
contractor is bringing onto any RSSS property. It is the responsibility of the contractor to
train his/her employees who will work on any RSSS site.
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